Pat Narduzzi can't stop putting his own foot in his mouth about USC WR Jordan Addison

Pat Narduzzi
Pat Narduzzi / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Pat Narduzzi can't stop embarrassing himself whenever NIL, USC football, or Jordan Addison enter any conversation.

After reportedly calling Riley to whine about him allegedly "tampering" with Addison before he was in the transfer portal (despite ZERO evidence of any of that), and after taking random shots at Addison on ACC Media Days, he has now decided to take subtle shots at SC and Addison yet again.

When discussing his problems with young adults being able to make money off of their OWN Names, Images, and Likenesses (of course), Narduzzi had some hilarious comments when asked if he feels that Pitt was violated in this offseason by NIL rules.

“You tell me,” said Narduzzi. “I would say, probably.”

Patt Narduzzi then indirectly referenced Jordan Addison's transfer to the USC football program.

"We all, you know, talk about the elephant in the room," said Patt Narduzzi. "But I don’t think there’s any question, at least, you know, (players were) tempted with (NIL promises) one way or the other."

Of course, the elephant in the room is him losing his best player in Addison to USC. There are so many things hysterically wrong with Narduzzi's complaints. His program was violated because "(players were) tempted with (NIL promises) one way or the other?" Does Narduzzi not know how NIL money works?

The schools aren't the ones who can give NIL money to players. That would be the companies that the players sign with. So, the "promises" (if there were any at all) weren't made by the schools that the kids transfered to.

Perhaps that what he's trying to say would be slightly understandable if USC had an NIL collective, but they don't...Narduzzi probably doesn't know that, though.

Again, he's the same guy who's randomly accused USC of tampering with Addison with no evidence. It's also funny that he continues to be on this NIL train despite Paolo Uggetti of ESPN finding out that Addison actually turned down more NIL money to come to USC.

Narduzzi also can't seem to understand why a top-flight receiver might want to play for the best offensive coach in the country (Lincoln Riley) over him. Not to mention, Caleb Williams at QB over Kedon Slovis is undoubtedly an upgrade.

He also already has a connection to Williams. They grew up together in the D.C.-Maryland-Virginia region.

Last season, USC developed the first wide receiver taken in the NFL Draft (No. 8 overall) in Drake London despite having their worst year in program history.

They proved yet again that they are Wide Receiver University; by developing the runaway favorite for the Biletnikoff before he got hurt in Game 8, despite having their worst year ever. Of course the player who then won the Biletnikoff would want to come over here and develop even further.

Also, does he not remember that he landed Kedon Slovis this offseason? Slovis is literally signed to Klutch Sports for NIL representation. Remember his American Eagle ads? Well, clearly Narduzzi doesn't, and doesn't remember any of it.

It's also cackling when recalling that just less than two weeks ago, Narduzzi said "(Slovis) loved the people in Pittsburgh. He didn't come for some NIL deal."

Narduzzi truly does just refuse to take his foot out of his mouth. Acting like Slovis' transfer is better than Addison's is laughable when Slovis himself is literally signed to Klutch and has benefitted quite a bit from NIL deals in the past.

And again, it's worth reminding everyone once again that it was found that Addison TURNED DOWN more NIL money to come to USC. Funny enough, Williams talked to the LA Times about this whole Addison-NIL made-up story:

Williams then even admitted that he and Addison laughed at some of the social media rumors. Because it is laughable. Where is the proof of any of these insane comments? That's also why it's particularly amusing that Narduzzi is still complaining about this.

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Maybe Pitt will eventually win their first national title since 1976 to FINALLY get to double-digit championships, and then be able to finally get over losing Addison.