Pac-12 refs decide to hose USC Football yet again before the half

Lincoln Riley, USC Football, USC Trojans
Lincoln Riley, USC Football, USC Trojans / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 refs have chosen to be perfectly on brand yet again in a USC Football game. Remember last week when the Pac-12 refs called two bogus 'roughing the passer' calls on USC that ended up costing the Trojans a one-point loss? Well, everyone did, and even the AP Poll voters acknowledged it by ranking SC three spots ahead of Utah despite the loss.

The Pac-12 refs asked themselves to hold their own beer for this week, though. SC was driving down the field to score a field goal before half, and with six seconds left, Caleb Williams dropped a bomb for 34 yards down to UA's 10-yard line.

Six seconds left is more than enough time for USC to spike the ball, as the clock was of course going to be stopped until the ball was spotted due to it being a first down. Unfortunately, though, the Pac-12 officials do not understand how their own jobs work, and chose to not stop the clock. They spotted the ball as the clock had already run down.

The refs then got together to discuss what happened, but then they still chose to end the first half randomly. Lincoln Riley let these people, who are objectively terrible at their jobs, have it:

USC Football Athletic Director Mike Bohn also couldn't handle the horrible officiating.

Bohn, USC Football's AD, retweeted many posts on Twitter that were pointing out how legitimately awful the officiating was:

He had every reason to. Besides, the worst part about it was that the officials didn't even explain why they ran out the clock. They just did it. They apparently didn't even give Riley an explanation either:

Even the Pac-12 Network broadcasters for the game tee'd off on the embarrassing performance from these referees. There was no way around it. The FOOTBALL officials apparently don't even know the basic rules of FOOTBALL.

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This is yet another major reason as to why SC will be leaving this sorry conference. The referees continue to decide that they are more important than the kids who work hard in the classroom to give themselves the chance to work hard on the field and fight on for their great universities. Thankfully, USC is at least currently winning 24-16 with 8:55 left in the third quarter.

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