Pac-12 DC's roast attempt hilariously backfires as he recruits for USC on accident

Donnie Henderson
Donnie Henderson / Mark Henle / USA TODAY NETWORK

Arizona State Defensive Coordinator Donnie Henderson tried to flame USC football in a press conference, but ended up giving USC a nice recruiting push. He said "SC, everybody making money over there" during the conference, which he thought was a roast. In reality, though, he just made USC even more enticing for recruits to come to.

If "everybody making money over there" (his words, by the way), why would anyone not want to go there. If USC was doing something illegal to get their players that money, then that might mean something. However, he cited no evidence to that at all.

Interestingly, the only reason he was hired is because their old defensive coordinator (Antonio Pierce) had to resign due to the NCAA's investigation into ASU's recruiting violations (and there is proof of violations within the program happening). Hilariously, though, that's not the only way he put his foot in his mouth with his statement.

ASU launched an NIL collective the literal day after Henderson's comments were made. It's funny how he's implying that USC's been sketchy with the NIL situation (if that's even what he's implying--it's an odd comment in general), yet ASU has an NIL collective and USC doesn't.

USC football will take the positive recruiting from other Pac-12 South schools.

College football fans have surely heard of negative recruiting in the sport, but nobody would ever expect anyone to positively recruit for the USC football program. Why on earth would anyone tell recruits that "everybody" legally makes money at USC? Nobody likely knows, but SC fans will most certainly take it.

Whatever they're doing is certainly much better than whatever the Sun Devils are doing. USC currently has the best recruiting class in the Pac-12 for 2023, and the No. 13 class in the country (all recruiting rankings and ratings are as of 247Sports). Arizona State has the worst class in the Pac-12 for 2023, and the No. 88 class in the nation.

ASU is also getting investigated, as previously mentioned, for a MASSIVE recruiting scandal that took place during the coronavirus pandemic, with ASU hosting recruits illegally in periods during the pandemic that nobody else in the Pac-12 was hosting recruits for.

They also were doing it in the heart of the pandemic, of course, putting peoples' health at risk. And they wondered why their season was cut short to three games due to the coronavirus hitting their team suspiciously more than everyone else.

The investigation forced both coordinators from ASU to resign and multiple assistant coaches to be fired. Again, it's safe to say that USC is the one doing the recruiting right, and ASU is the one doing the recruiting wrong.

It's even been revealed that a parent of a player (Jayden Daniels' mother) was a major contributor to the recruiting violations. It's clear that Henderson is trying to take attention off of his program's cheating and issues to try to call out a program that's 23-14 all-time against them.

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It's not the best look; especially with how awful things have been at ASU since 2014--the last time they finished a season ranked.

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