PAC-12 Commissioner George Kliavkoff seems to not know any USC Trojans fans

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PAC-12 Commissioner George Kliavkoff claims that fans are "not in favor" of the USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins leaving the PAC in 2024. He certainly can't be talking to any Trojan fans, right? Well, obviously not, but he actually pretends to have done just that:

"I have yet to talk to anyone in the UCLA and USC community who's in favor of the move," said Kliavkoff.

He specified that apparently he's talked to the USC community. Interestingly, though, he followed that sentence up with this comment:

"I will say that I probably hear from folks who are not in favor, not surprisingly," said Kliavkoff.

So clearly, PAC-12 Commissioner George Kliavkoff's comments about USC Trojans fans are misleading.

PAC-12 Commissioner George Kliavkoff even admitted that his comments on USC Trojans fans are slanted, as he pointed out that nobody in favor of the move would be reaching out to tell him that. But anyway, he clearly hasn't been talking to many USC fans, as a high majority of the fan base is in favor of the move to the Big Ten.

The funniest part of it, though, is that he said on PAC-12 Basketball Media Day (where he made all these comments) that he has talked to "more than a hundred" people connected to the USC and UCLA athletic programs. Considering he of course followed that up by saying that not one of the "more than a hundred" people are in favor of the move, he's very clearly bluffing anyway.

Why would over 100 people connected to both programs oppose the move, when they are literally the ones making it? Furthermore, why would they tell the PAC-12 Commissioner that their own program is making a mistake by leaving his conference?

Why would they turn their backs on their own school, and express it to the man who has been proven to have tried to block the programs from leaving? Quite literally none of this makes any sense. The fans (for the most part) are absolutely in favor of the move to the Big Ten, so his irrational claim proves his comments and input to be irrelevant.

Especially when he's claiming that the people he's talking to are connected to the programs. Again, nobody connected to the program would make a conference move and then just trash it to the man who's trying to find every way he can to prevent it.

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There's no way anybody's going to believe Kliavkoff here, especially when he said this less than two weeks after USC fans BLASTED the PAC-12's officiating for the nine millionth time online. It's understandable for Kliavkoff to be frustrated about USC's move to the BIG. It's not, however, right to lie about these programs and their fans. That appears to be what's happening here.

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