Oregon OC takes subliminal shots at USC football in ridiculous take about west coast

Dec 18, 2020; Los Angeles, California, USA; Southern California Trojans wide receiver Bru McCoy (4)
Dec 18, 2020; Los Angeles, California, USA; Southern California Trojans wide receiver Bru McCoy (4) / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon Offensive Coordinator Kenny Dillingham took some subliminal shots at the USC football program this week, making outlandish claims about the west coast football scene:

Wow. Just wow. The program who's never won even ONE trophy in their entire existence is apparently what you think of "when you think of West Coast."

This is unbelievable. The program you think of when you think of West Coast, according to Dillingham, is not the one that everyone has been BUZZING about these past two-plus months, but the one that isn't even close to the national picture.

And in his words, Oregon "is a brand that is national. It is absolutely national."

National? This is hysterical. What has Oregon ever done that makes them more "national" than USC, the only blue blood on the west?

They've literally never won even ONE 'national' championship. They saw USC go through some of the roughest sanctions college football has ever seen, and STILL never broke through nationally.

Kenny Dillingham was outrageous with his take that Oregon is what we think of when it comes to the west, and not USC.

Kenny Dillingham has completely lost touch with the west coast if he believes that Oregon is what people think of when it comes to the west and not USC. Former star SC safety Su'a Cravens said it best:

Let's compare resumes when discussing how important each program is to the west coast. Read this numbers breakdown and tell me which one is the flagship program of the west (in parentheses are all-time ranks):

38 head-to-head wins----------22 head-to-head wins

.695 all-time winning % (8th)----------.571 all-time winning % (45th)

11 national championships (2nd)----------0 national championships (N/A)

37 conference championships (5th)----------13 conference championships (49th)

856 wins (10th)----------682 wins (36th)

53 bowl games (6th)----------35 bowl games (29th)

.642 bowl record (6th)----------.429 bowl record (70th)

82 consensus All-Americans (5th)----------10 consensus All-Americans (54th)

7 Heisman winners (1st)----------1 Heisman winner (19th)

517 NFL Draft picks (2nd)----------229 NFL Draft picks (36th)

83 First-Round NFL Draft picks (2nd)----------20 First-Round NFL Draft picks (37th)

On the left is USC, and on the right is Oregon. It's not even close. Just stop with the embarrassing takes.

Dillingham literally said that "If we want to bring this conference to the next level, we've got to keep the kids from here to stay at the school that can compete for national championships and that's us."

Give me a break. OREGON is the program that can compete for national championships? The program that has literally NEVER won a national championship?

How about the school that not only has, but has won 11 of them...Oregon hardly has any conference championships, and now they're supposed to win a national championship?

But wait! USC was 4-8 this year so Oregon is such a better program! Yes, in a year where SC fired their coach after one loss (to a team that Oregon also lost to by the way) so they could give them time to execute a mammoth head coaching hire (and did), Oregon was better.

Nobody cares. Oregon lost three of their last four games by a combined 74 points.

One of those losses was also a 15-point loss to a team that was playing under Lincoln Riley and Alex Grinch's system in the Alamo Bowl. I wish Oregon luck going forward when it comes to playing those systems again.

The last time USC wasn't being clobbered by sanctions and feeling those effects, they ran college football. They made eight straight New Years Six bowl games, winning every one except one National Championship to one of the greatest teams in college football history when SC also had to battle horrible officiating in that game. They finished in the top four in the country every year.

They won two national titles over that span, which is two more than Oregon has. That's what their 'O' logo stands for, right? The amount of national titles they have, yes.

But hey, you have to give it to Oregon. They hold the record for the most uniforms of all-time. Let's give them their respect.

USC's depth chart after Caleb, Mario Williams. dark. Next

After all, according to Dillingham, those uniforms propel Oregon to be what we all think about when it comes to west coast football.

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