One of USC Football QB Caleb Williams' only deficiencies is still here

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Fact: Caleb Williams is a top three quarterback in America and has had a remarkable season for USC football so far.

Also a fact: Williams still holds the ball too long, which was his biggest problem at Oklahoma. Check out this stat below:

That's a long time to hold on to the ball for Williams. Is it better than last year? Yes, as last year he took 3.51 seconds on average to throw the rock. He still has some trouble getting the ball out quick enough, though, and it's shown in these last two weeks.

There have been a couple of big sacks that did not need to be taken by Williams these past two weeks, where he had enough time to get rid of the ball and not take them. On the bright side, Williams also avoided several sacks last week due to his ability to evade pressure, but oftentimes when he would dodge sacks for a long time and then attempt a pass, it wouldn't result in a completion or rushing gain.

In fact, USC Football QB Caleb Williams only completed 16 out of 36 passes last game.

Perhaps if Caleb Williams could focus in on hitting his lay-ups earlier in plays when nothing's there for USC football, instead of trying to do too much in making things happen, he would have been more productive. In fairness to Williams, the offensive line did an awful job protecting him last week.

It's true, though, to point out that holding onto the football instead of hitting check downs more often didn't do much for the offense. After all, Williams only had 27 rushing yards on his nine rushes. Williams is still a top two Heisman contender this season, but he very well could make a push for the Trophy if he works on this aspect of his game.

He doesn't struggle with much else. He passes the eye test in all other categories, and while some will say that he looked wildly inaccurate on Saturday (which he was), a lot of that was due to him trying to extend and make plays that weren't even there. Things then began to snowball, and he had a tough time keeping his feet under him and staying true to his game and abilities.

If he can get the ball out quicker, and just focus on taking what the defense is giving him, all of that will get better and everything will come together. He'll look like what he was for the first three weeks. He plays in what's considered to be the best offensive scheme in the country for a reason.

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As long as he sticks to that script, and just take what the defense is giving it, he's going to produce at an elite level. As long as he trusts the offense, he'll be back to performing at an elite level week after week.