Offensive Tackle USC Football must get to make up for striking out on Josh Conerly

Amarius Mims, USC Football, USC Trojans
Amarius Mims, USC Football, USC Trojans / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

USC football missed out on a signing from Josh Conerly last week, and their focus needs to shift immediately.

They can't sit back and spend any time feeling sorry for themselves that they didn't bring in the No. 2 Offensive Tackle in the country (all recruiting ratings and rankings in article are as of 247Sports) who was expected to come to SC, and/or take a breather after pushing so hard for him.

Their focus needs to be on adding to the offensive line, as they were hoping to add to it by reeling in the 2022 five-star recruit. There still are other options out there, believe it or not. The recruiting cycle is over, but there are still 2022 transfers out there to pick up. One in particular could potentially bring the same effect that Conerly could have.

Amarius Mims needs to be USC football's focus of the offseason.

There haven't been any legitimate rumors of USC football being in on Amarius Mims, as Miami and Florida State seem to be at the forefront here. Don't be surprised, however, if USC Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach Josh Henson shows some aggressiveness.

Henson has quite the reputation as a recruiter, and was particularly impressive when recruiting in the south. Mims is not only currently playing for a team right in the heart of the south, but also is from there (Cochran, Georgia). Henson has recruited this type of kid before.

Mims was a five-star recruit coming out of Bleckley County High School in 2021, and was the No. 1 player in the state of Georgia. He was actually a better recruit than Conerly, receiving a .9956 rating compared to Conerly's .9918. He's searching for playing time, and he'd likely get it fast at SC.

SC already picked up a good tackle in the transfer portal this offseason, and they have an experienced tackle already on the roster in Courtland Ford who's athleticism fits Lincoln Riley's scheme very well. That being said, Mims is too talented to sit.

Haskins is the best tackle on the team, and even he wasn't as coveted a transfer as Mims is. Mims is a four-star transfer, and the best player in the portal right now. Riley needs to make a push for Mims, selling the fact that he runs the best offensive system in the country, which he inarguably does.

Oklahoma always had elite O-lines under Riley, and he is very likely to continue that success at SC. He has plenty to recruit Mims on, and Mims has plenty to offer Riley. Owning a 7'1" wingspan, Mims has both the length and the beef (6'7", 330 lbs) to succeed at whichever tackle spot he needs to.

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Mims played both spots in high school, and even played some D-Line. He'll fit right in on SC's line, which was the No. 1 rated offensive line in the country last year (PFF). Adding a monster like Mims would absolutely make up for missing on Conerly, especially because he has so much eligibility left.