Malachi Nelson connects with future USC Football WR for absurd catch

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QB Malachi Nelson and WR Makai Lemon of Los Alamitos are both USC football commits, and both shined on national television (ESPN) on Saturday against American Heritage in Florida. The five-star QB (all recruiting ratings and rankings in article are as of 247Sports) to four-star Athlete connection linked up for THREE touchdowns against a great opponent.

It was beautiful to see, as it's a connection USC fans will be seeing quite a bit, and probably be seeing as early as 2024. The two 2023 commits are committed to USC. Nelson is the No. 2 quarterback in the nation, and Lemon is the No. 2 Athlete in the nation. Both are in the top five of California for 2023 (Nelson is No. 1), and Nelson is also the No. 2 player in the entire '23 recruiting cycle.

Lemon is still very highly-rated as the No. 45 player in the class. He flashed that not only in his three touchdown catches, but also in an absolutely absurd highlight-reel grab he had on the sideline to set up a more than favorable 1st and goal for his squad:

USC football commits Malachi Nelson and Makai Lemon previewed what they'll look like together with the Trojans.

With players like Malachi Nelson and Makai Lemon flocking to the USC football program, the Trojans will be on ESPN often by 2024. If anyone thinks this play is the last of the greatness they'll see from these two on ESPN, they're horribly mistaken. These two fit perfectly in Lincoln Riley's system. So perfect that they've committed to him twice--once at Oklahoma and once at USC.

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While the No. 25 Los Alamitos squad did take the blowout road loss to the No. 19 American Heritage program, it was still amazing to see that connection come to life. Nelson had four touchdowns on the day and only one pick. That was amazing to see. To see three of those scores and another insane highlight-reel grab come from his buddy Lemon, however, made the day even sweeter.