Is Malachi Nelson about to ditch USC football for Texas A&M?

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USC football five-star (all recruiting ratings and rankings in article are as of 247Sports) QB commit, Malachi Nelson, flipped from Oklahoma to the Trojans not too long after Lincoln Riley headed west from OU to USC. Now, some are speculating if a recent move from him suggests that he'll be flipping from SC to Texas A&M.

Texas A&M is holding some massive visits this weekend, and is throwing a pool party with many recruits that has been all the rage recently on the recruiting trail. Surprisingly, Nelson will apparently be in attendance:

While this is surprising, USC fans should not be worried about the No. 1 player in the state of California flipping to TAMU. It's important to remember that there are MANY benefits to going on recruiting trips--regardless of how serious a recruit is about attending the school.

For instance, Nelson gets a free trip to College Station. He gets a free pool party where he can meet other players his age. He gets to be told by a new coaching staff at a good program about how great he is at football. There are a lot of things Nelson can gain from any recruiting trip.

Malachi Nelson will remain with USC football.

Also, it's possible that Malachi Nelson wants to check out what's going on with other programs in case USC football goes through coaching changes while he's here, and he wants to know what the country has to offer in case transferring is necessary in the future.

While it's not likely that Riley takes off for the NFL while Nelson is here, it was also unlikely that he'd leave OU as early as just five years into his first head coaching job. If Riley wants to leave after Year 5 or so of his USC tenure, perhaps Nelson would be interested in entering the transfer portal. Now he knows what A&M has to offer.

It doesn't mean that he wants to play for the Aggies right now. It's more than plausible that Nelson just wants to take advantage of being on the recruiting trail. He only gets about four and a half months left to be a college football recruit. If he wants to experience that to the fullest, that's completely fair.

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Of course, it would make SC fans feel a little better if he didn't go on this trip, but it's important to not jump to conclusions. Nelson followed Riley from Oklahoma to USC. He VERY clearly wants to play for him. It's simply much more likely he signs with USC than anywhere else.