LSU blows it in first game without ex-USC Football HC Ed Orgeron

Ed Orgeron, USC Football, USC Trojans
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This is the first year former USC Football Head Coach Ed Orgeron isn't a college football head coach since 2015, and the first year he's not coaching at all since 2014. That's because the LSU Tigers parted ways with him after the season last year, and hired former USC rival Brian Kelly. The post-Ed O era for LSU, however, has gotten off to a horrendous start.

Louisiana State lost their Week 1 matchup to unranked Florida State in a "neutral location" that was indeed in Louisiana. Not only that, but they lost in the most embarrassing fashion. They got the ball back with 1:20 left in the game at their own 1-yard line, and went all 99 yards of the way down for a score.

How is that embarrassing, then? Because they lined up to take the extra point that would tie the game at 24 and send it into overtime (they scored the touchdown with no time left), and it was blocked. A blocked extra point to lose to a program that is not only also unranked, but also a program that hasn't finished .500 or better since 2017.

Even worse? LSU could have had the ball back with 2:15 left, but they muffed the punt to give it back to FSU. They were lucky to have forced a fumble at the one-yard line and get the ball back. They still blew the game. The most wild part about it? That was their SECOND muffed punt of the game...It's safe to say that things haven't improved since they decided to can Coach O.

Things at LSU have been rough in the post-Ed Orgeron era.

First, it was ex-USC football rival Kelly faking a southern accent in an embarrassing attempt (and failure) to try to fit in with his new job after he replaced Ed Orgeron. Then, it was him appearing to provocatively dance with a recruit from behind (who he missed out on to LSU rival Alabama) in a visit video.

Now, it's him blowing his first game against a team that he was favored over in hysterical fashion. He scored three points in the first half. By the time the Tigers appeared to (slightly) wake up, it was too late. The discipline didn't appear to be there at all, which was one of the biggest criticisms of Ed O, and one of the biggest reasons he was fired.

Is it just one game? Absolutely. It's just one game, and that's not indicative of how Kelly's entire tenure will go. It is also true, however, that nothing has been better since Orgeron was let go. That's not to say Kelly can't be better than Orgeron, but he has certainly gotten off to a sub-par start.

Orgeron was a good head coach for USC, coming in on an interim basis while the program was on fire (in the bad way), with the program being 3-2 when they named him as the interim. The team went on to somehow finish with 10 wins that year--going from firing a head coach on the tarmac to winning double-digit contests after Orgeron stepped in.

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At LSU, he won 10+ games twice--winning a Fiesta Bowl in one of those seasons and a National Championship in another. Kelly has never won a National Championship or NY6 Bowl in his career, and is entering a program that's last three head coaches all won a Natty. The pressure will be on. Heck, he's already getting cooked at press conferences by the media.