Did Lincoln Riley just guarantee a lot more major USC football recruiting victories?

Nov 29, 2021; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Lincoln Riley, USC Football
Nov 29, 2021; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Lincoln Riley, USC Football / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

All USC football fans remember when Lincoln Riley tweeted that last USC Fight On emoji before we landed Caleb Williams.

We actually might even remember where we were when ANY of the coaches or people involved with the program tweet those Fight On emojis. It always felt like a huge 'KABOOM' signing waiting to happen. And, they always ended up being just that.

Riley was on Colin Cowherd's show earlier this week, and he actually talked about the emojis and if we're done seeing them. Fortunately for SC fans, they WILL be here to stay:

Lincoln Riley teased that there are many more massive transfer or recruiting additions to come for USC football.

Currently, USC football has the No. 10 overall 2022 class, and the No. 1 transfer portal class (all these rankings and ratings for transfers/recruits in article are as of 247Sports).

If they continue to add to this class, their roster has the chance to be deadly coming into this upcoming season. It would especially be massive if we could improve our high school talent with maybe a Fight On emoji and signing from five-star OT Josh Conerly. After all, he and Williams have recently followed each other on Instagram.

Perhaps former OU wide receivers for Riley, Marvin Mims and Jalil Farooq could make the move to SoCal, as they have been rumored to follow Williams in the past. We don't know exactly who Riley is talking about, but he's clearly got big plans.

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Currently, Riley has brought in a five-star recruit (Domani Jackson), a five-star transfer (Williams), four four-star recruits, and four four-star transfers. He's done a remarkable job from where we began, turning a class outside the top 100 into the top 10. His absurd roster-building prowess proves that he is indeed a top five coach in college football.