Lincoln Riley brings back-to-back USC football legends to campus

Marcus Allen, USC Football
Marcus Allen, USC Football / Leon Bennett/GettyImages

Lincoln Riley energized the USC football program and fan base by bringing Anthony Munoz to campus this week, and then brought Marcus Allen the next day.

This is quietly a big step for the USC program, as it wasn't too long ago when Allen was hanging around LSU, and not USC. He wanted to be with our former head coach and his program instead of our program. It's nice to see Riley having USC act like USC again.

Both Munoz and Allen are two of the greatest players to ever play for our program. Allen won a Heisman for SC, as well as a National Championship that he won while being teammates with Munoz. Munoz wasn't too shabby himself, taking his incredible college career to the NFL Draft, where he was a top three overall pick.

Allen was drafted in the top ten, and both ended up being Hall of Famers in the league. Munoz is considered by many to be the greatest NFL player in USC history.

There's so much for USC football players to gain by Lincoln Riley having Anthony Munoz and Marcus Allen around.

Lincoln Riley having Anthony Munoz and Marcus Allen around USC football is true championship energy. We all talk about how Riley has to rebuild the culture here at SC, and what better way to do it then bring over two guys who embody the Trojan spirit as well as anyone.

It goes to show that this transition hasn't been too tough for Riley. He was very vocal about how he really does feel like SC is the mecca of college football, and now we know that he really does get it. Having greats around the kids like this is a tremendous step in the right direction for the program.

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It's not always about the wins and the losses on game day, but the cultural wins that the players can learn from. Hopefully under the Riley regime, we get back to winning Heismans and National Championships like Allen and Munoz' teams did. With every passing day, I seem to like our chances more and more.