Leonard Williams unknowingly gives major nod of approval to USC phenom Korey Foreman

Leonard Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Leonard Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The USC football spring game could not have been much more of a success for the Trojans. The offense looked very Lincoln Riley-esque, the game was televised on ESPN (only spring game in football that was), and the overall product on the field looked exciting and well-disciplined.

Something even more exciting that showed up, however, was the play of USC Defensive End Korey Foreman. Foreman clearly has improved since last season, and put it on display during the exhibition.

In fact, a great USC Defensive Lineman of the past was there, and gave him about as great of a nod of approval as he possibly could have. Former USC standout Defensive Lineman Leonard Williams attended the game on the sideline, and noticed Foreman's strong play:

He didn't even know Foreman's name. Therefore, he was certainly not just talking up Foreman to make SC look good. His sincere takeaway was how impressive Foreman was. It was beautiful to hear. A former Trojan No. 6 overall NFL Draft pick took a look around at players he knew no biases about, and picked out Foreman as the one he remembered.

What Leonard Williams said about USC football's most prized recruit of this decade means everything.

Korey Foreman was not only the best 2021 recruit for USC football, but he was the No. 1 overall recruit in the entire country in 2021. He needs to be someone that SC gets the absolute most out of.

Due to terrible scheming and development from ex-USC Defensive Coordinator Todd Orlando in '21, however, Foreman is yet to really arrive on the scene. Foreman played in seven games for the Trojans last season and recorded just two and a half sacks. He secured only 11 tackles.

He was of course just a true freshman, but his goals are obviously much higher than this considering he is the No. 12 recruit in history (all recruiting rankings and ratings are as of 247Sports). With a questionable Defensive Coordinator hire in Alex Grinch this offseason, some are worried that he won't reach those high expectations.

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To hear Williams shout out Foreman, and Foreman only after the spring game, though, is a MASSIVE vote of confidence for Foreman as well as all the fans that also believe in him.