Kobe Bryant's daughter celebrates getting into USC with heartwarming reaction video

Kobe Bryant and his family.
Kobe Bryant and his family. / Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Vanessa Bryant posted a heartwarming video of Kobe Bryant's daughter Natalia celebrating her acceptance into USC.

Anyone who went to USC knows what that amazing moment when the acceptance letter arrives feels like. That elation, relief, and excitement is unforgettable. You can watch a thousand USC basketball buzzer-beaters or USC football game-winning touchdowns and never quite replicate it.

Kobe Bryant's daughter Natalia got to experience that moment on Tuesday.

Vanessa Bryant shared video of Natalia's reaction on social media and it's just awesome.

If that doesn't warm your heart as a Trojan, nothing will.

She's already go the Victory Sign down perfectly.

Vanessa even got custom USC-themed Nikes made for Natalia in anticipation of her USC acceptance. It's a good thing that letter came through.

It's particularly awesome to see the connection Kobe built with the Trojans passed down to his children. Since he went straight from high school to the NBA, he didn't have an affiliation with a college program. He chose USC.

As you can tell from all of that Trojans gear, including balloons, hats, and shirts, the Bryants have embraced USC entirely.

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They were already honorary members of the Trojan Family, but now Natalia is official.

This is also a bittersweet moment knowing Kobe and his daughter Gianna aren't there to celebrate with the family. The two died in a helicopter crash last year along with six others while on the way to a tournament game.

USC honored the two with shirts and courtside seats draped with jerseys bearing their playing numbers when the Trojans returned to the Galen Center for their first outing after the tragedy.

In her caption on the Instagram posts, Vanessa Bryant said the two were "here in spirit." They'll be with Natalia when she enrolls in the fall as well.

Anything the Trojan family can do anything to help fill that void is something.

Congratulations are in order for all the newest Trojans who are receiving their acceptance letters this week.

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