Is it wrong that Jordan Addison's wearing Carson Palmer's number for USC football?

Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans
Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It has recently been revealed that Jordan Addison will be rocking the No. 3 for USC football in 2022, which is quite the shock that many would not have expected. That number has been retired since Carson Palmer donned it as a Trojan and won a Heisman Trophy and Orange Bowl in the 2002-2003 season.

This is just the second time a number has come out of retirement for USC, and first since SC DB Darnell Bing won National Championships while wearing 1965 Heisman Trophy winner Mike Garrett's No. 20 in his USC career (2003-2005). Garrett gave Bing his blessing, and it looks like Palmer has given his blessing to Addison.

There are two sides to this development. On one hand, if Palmer's cool with this and has given him and the program this permission, is there really anything wrong with this? Besides, there aren't many more guys deserving of this honor. Addison was already a consensus All-American in 2021. If there's anybody to trust with No. 3, why can't it be him?

There are points against USC football letting Jordan Addison wear Carson Palmer's number, too, however.

Jordan Addison will be wearing quite a sacred number in Carson Palmer's No. 3 for USC football, as plenty argue that Palmer is the best quarterback and/or player in college football history. His place in college football history is more than cemented, and it should be respected to the highest extent.

The popular LA Sports radio show; the 'Petros And Money Show,' recently tweeted against the decision to let Addison wear the number. Petros is of course Petros Papadakis, an ex-USC RB who is the son of another ex-Trojan in John Papadakis. Clearly, it appears that he is not in favor of this tradition being broken:

The show's account didn't stop there, however, and responded to a counterargument by suggesting that Palmer had no choice but to accept it.

SC is about as rich in tradition as it gets. Nobody has more Heisman winners than the USC program. It's a major point of pride for the Trojan family. Is it right for the program to do this; potentially meaning that they are not fully respecting the program's noble status?

It begs the question of; 'Why even retire numbers if they're not really retired?' There truly are two sides to this.

That's why it's important to look at the facts of the situation:

--Palmer must have given his blessing for Addison to wear No. 3, and if he didn't, that will be found out soon.

--Nobody has any right to tell Palmer he is 'wrong' in his decision. (Nobody seems to have done so, but it is worth reminding the fans that this is Palmer's decision and his only.)

--Addison is also a fine candidate to wear the legendary number due to him already being a proven Consensus All-American.

--Palmer clearly wants nothing more than to see Addison represent his number in the best possible way, both on and off the field.

--There is nothing wrong with simply disagreeing with Addison wearing the number.

--There is also nothing wrong with simply agreeing with Addison wearing the number.

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--There IS something wrong, however, with wanting something other than the best for USC, Addison, and the number moving forward. It looks like that hasn't been a problem, and needs to stay that way--regardless of where each and every fan sits on this issue.