Interesting factoid about new USC DL transfer shows how bad he wanted to be a Trojan

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When USC football picked up DL Sinjun Astani in the transfer portal, it wasn't clear if Astani was set to receive a ton of playing time in 2022. Playing in just four games in his five-year career at San Jose State, he was likely not going to receive significant reps in Los Angeles.

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A two-star recruit back at Loyola High School in Malibu (all recruiting rankings and ratings are as of 247Sports), he's not necessarily oozing with as much talent as like a Korey Foreman type rushing the passer is. Besides, he was brought in as a preferred walk-on, so the signing isn't as significant, right?

Well, no. It's actually quite the opposite. Astani had Division I offers. He CHOSE to come here as a preferred walk-on. He made the selfless decision to sacrifice not being on scholarship to head over here and be a part of this program, which has ALWAYS meant a lot to him. He expanded in an interview with Schott Schrader of WeAreSC.

"Grew up going to all USC games and my Father attended the school...Was on scholarship at SJSU for my career. Had two years of eligibility due to injuries left after I graduated.. I wanted to come home & play for the team I grew up loving & supporting. I’m a Trojan always have been."

Sinjun Astani, USC Football DL

Sinjun Astani has always been a USC Trojan through and through.

As his above quote suggests, Sinjun Astani is so much of a dedicated USC Trojan that he passed on more scholarship opportunities to come be a part of this great program.

So no, the addition is no less significant due to him being a preferred walk-on than it would be if he was on scholarship. It's actually more significant--because the team is getting someone who is clearly as hungry as it gets. Someone who has so much passion for the program that he was going to end up here by all means necessary.

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While Astani only played in the aforementioned four games, he told Schrader that he played in every game he was healthy for. He also said that SC had been recruiting him ever since he hit the portal in mid-December. Any depth is important. It was just this past season when USC had to resort to playing an offensive guard on the defensive line due to a lack of depth. Astani improves this roster.