FOX shows most amazing Jordan Addison quote during USC football game

Jordan Addison, Bobby Haskins, USC Football, USC Trojans
Jordan Addison, Bobby Haskins, USC Football, USC Trojans / Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Addison had another great game for USC football on Saturday against Fresno State. He had six grabs for 69 receiving yards, and scored again. He's now up to 18 catches on the season, and up to 295 receiving yards. He's found himself in the end zone on five of his receptions, and has flashed a dominant, well-rounded skillset that includes lightning speed.

He was actually quoted on the FOX broadcast during the Week 3 matchup, and quoted about that speed specifically. It was a hilarious quote that stole the show for a little bit during the game. He stole the show both on the field, and when being quoted on why he's so good on the field:

"As a kid, when you're fast, that's how you get the females," said Addison.

Now everyone knows why USC Football WR Jordan Addison is so fast.

USC Football's No. 1 Wideout, Jordan Addison, doesn't have any holes in his game. The one issue he had was drops, as he dropped 10+ passes in each of his two seasons of college football prior to this year. This year, however, he hasn't dropped a single pass through three games. It's safe to say that he's cleaned up the drops.

In fact, there wasn't even much with drops to clean up in the first place. Sure, he had 10+ drops in each of his first two seasons, but he also had A LOT of times where he did catch the ball. Heck, last season he had 100 catches. He just needed to make a tweak, and he's so far most certainly made it.

Speed is something that was never in question with Addison. He's always been an outstanding deep threat. Last year at Pitt, in the season he won the Biletnikoff, he averaged 15.9 yards per reception. This year, he's even half a yard higher at 16.4 yards per catch. He's terrific down the field, and has burned defenses far too many times this year for their liking.

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Addison not only benefitted his life with females by getting fast, but he also benefitted his life with football. Still being the best wide receiver in the country, it's safe to say that getting fast as a kid has been a decision that's paid off quite a bit. He'll look to continue feasting against unranked Oregon State in Week 4 on Saturday.