Former USC Football DL Coach fired in Karl Dorrell mess at Colorado

Chris Wilson, USC Football, USC Trojans
Chris Wilson, USC Football, USC Trojans / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Former USC Football Defensive Line Coach Chris Wilson has been fired from the University of Colorado, along with of course Head Coach Karl Dorrell. The Buffaloes made these moves after the team started the season 0-5. They have unfortunately gone 4-13 with Wilson as the Defensive Coordinator. He was promoted from Buffs Defensive Line Coach after the 2020 season.

Colorado gave up 43.2 points per game this year under Wilson. That's 129th in the country, meaning that they were the third-worst in all of the FBS. To prove that this statistic is far from misleading, Colorado also gave up 507.6 total yards per game this year under Wilson, which is also third-worst in all of the FBS.

It wasn't all too surprising that Wilson unfortunately was let go when Dorrell was. Colorado's biggest problem was that they couldn't stop anybody. While the offense is still bad over there, it's at least been better than the defense.

It's fourth-worst in scoring offense (13.4 points per game) instead of third-worst in scoring defense, and eighth-worst in total offense (277 yards per game) instead of third-worst in total defense. Again, the offense is horrendous too, but slightly better than the defense, so Colorado thought it was the best decision to make this move.

Ex-USC Football Defensive Line Coach Chris Wilson helped develop Leonard Williams at SC.

The former USC Football Defensive Line Coach, Chris Wilson, was with the Trojans from 2014-2015. Williams was of course with SC from 2012-2014. He had what was likely his best year in college under Wilson. He racked up 80(!) tackles as a lineman (career-best), and 9.5 of those were for loss. He had seven sacks, and three PD's. Forcing three fumbles, he was all over the field.

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Williams proceeded to be drafted sixth overall in the 2015 NFL Draft. He has been to the Pro Bowl, and has even gotten up to 11.5 sacks in a season before. Not to mention, he somehow had over 80(!) tackles as a NOSE TACKLE last season. He even had 30 Quarterback Hits one year (same year he had 11.5 sacks).

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A Super Bowl Champion Defensive Line Coach with the Philadelphia Eagles (2016 to 2018), perhaps Wilson can get a new job somewhere for next year, at least as a DL guy. His second go-around as a defensive coordinator did not go well (he was at Mississippi State for his first go-around from 2010-2012), and it will be interesting to see where his career goes from here.

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