Ex-USC S Talanoa Hufanga keeps on putting NFL Draft "experts" to shame

Talanoa Hufanga, USC Football, USC Trojans
Talanoa Hufanga, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former USC Football Safety and Consensus All-American Talanoa Hufanga has absolutely shattered all of the takes and predictions by the NFL Draft "experts" since he's come into the National Football League. He's even proven 31 teams wrong. 31 teams passed on him, and he didn't get drafted until the FIFTH round.

He was a "tweener." Apparently, the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year can't play safety at the next level because--get this...He's too big. He's so challenged by weighing 200 pounds, according to the experts. Poor San Francisco 49ers. They drafted a safety who was an elite college player with even MORE size than he even needed.

Clearly, the 49ers don't regret their decision, and clearly all 31 other teams regret not taking him. That's because Hufanga, in just his second year in the league, already has 25 tackles, four tackles for loss (as a safety), and FOUR PD's through only FOUR games. Something else he has? A pick six that put the Monday Night Football game away against the rival Los Angeles Rams this week:

It's his second interception of the season. He also is the highest graded safety in the NFL right now per PFF (84.6). Again, for a player who's "too big to play safety in the NFL," he is certainly...NOT too big to play safety in the NFL.

Ex-USC Football Safety Talanoa Hufanga began to show flashes in the NFL last season.

That's because USC Football product Talanoa Hufanga is the same player who saved the 49ers' divisional round playoff game last season by recovering a blocked punt and running it back for a touchdown to tie up the game with under five minutes left on the road.

Hufanga already proved he could make plays on special teams, and now he's proven that he can play at a top-tier level on defense. He'll have to sustain it to be considered part of that top tier of safeties in the league, but there have been few (if any) better than him so far in these first four games themselves.

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The "experts" truly did fail miserably with their assessment of Hufanga coming into the draft. Believe it or not, the best safety in the country who has even MORE size than necessary to help him as an athlete, has so far been an incredible safety at the next level too. The minds of the "experts" are blown, but USC fans aren't surprised by this at all.