Ex-USC Football WR tops SportsCenter Top 10 with clutch one-hand grab

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Joseph Manjack didn't get a chance to prove his worth for USC football, as there was far too much turbulence during the 2021 season for him to develop within this offense. As a result, he transferred to Houston, and hoped for greener pastures. And in his first game with his new squad, he seems to have landed on his feet.

Manjack had three catches for 42 receiving yards and had a touchdown too. Those may sound like modest numbers, but the key is development. He had seven catches for 67 yards last year with no touchdowns all season. Therefore, he's most certainly WELL on his way to getting better as a receiver. He was clutch on Saturday, too, and SportsCenter Top 10 agrees. Check this out:

That one-handed touchdown catch not only tied up the game for the Cougars in an eventual win for Houston, but it also topped the SportsCenter Top 10 highlight countdown. Manjack is already making a name for himself at his new spot. He was seen as a really intriguing recruit despite his three-star rating (247Sports) when SC signed him, and clearly, there is some ability to tap into here with Manjack.

It's nice to see former USC Football WR Joseph Manjack making plays.

USC football fans like to see former Trojans like Joseph Manjack succeeding after they were a part of this program. They're not like Oklahoma fans, or Pitt fans, who root against their team's players when they simply move on to a spot that's better for them and their development. The Trojan family supports the former players, because in reality: Once a Trojan, always a Trojan.

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Manjack's Cougs are one of just two Group of Five teams ranked in the AP Poll. It's safe to say that without Manjack's heroics, they would not be there. They wouldn't have been able to push for Overtime on the road and get the win. He did his job, though, which was a common theme in Week 1 for both former AND current USC wide receivers.