Ex-USC football kicker in transfer portal fires major shots at Trojans fanbase

Parker Lewis, USC Football, USC Trojans
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Ex-USC football kicker Parker Lewis is in the transfer portal, and took a visit to Ohio State last weekend. He went to their spring game as part of their visit, and didn't hold back when discussing the atmosphere at the game:

Lewis clearly feels a certain type of way about the USC program, or else he would not have made these comments.

If he didn't feel any animosity towards SC, he'd acknowledge that the reason that there were more fans in Columbus during the spring game than USC fans at any game in 2020; was due to the pandemic not allowing fans in the stands at Trojans games.

He also would know that the reason there were little fans at USC games in 2021 was due to the fans finally getting 100% fed up with 12 years of awful decision-making by SC's athletic department affecting hiring within the football program and other aspects of the program.

Anyone who follows college football knows how packed the Coliseum is when the fans aren't tired of over a decade of the athletic administration acknowledging their failures to support the student-athletes of this program. It's why it's so ironic when people wonder why Lincoln Riley would want to come to USC when "the fans don't even show up."

They "didn't show up" because they were encouraging the athletic department to finally be about what they said they were, and make the hires that the kids deserve. In response, SC hired a top four or five coach in America this offseason to lead the program.

Now, USC football fans will be packing the Coli consistently.

This is already known because the last time USC football had an elite head coach, fans were not only packing the Coliseum on gameday, but USC football was the greatest show in college sports. EVERYONE had their eyes on what SC was doing during the Pete Carroll era.

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While Lewis can get his shots off now, the attendance that USC is likely to put out moving forward will probably result in the comments from Lewis not aging all too well. I'm not calling out Lewis at all--he's a college student-athlete who's simply speaking to his experience at SC. He is also, however, ignoring some key aspects as to why that was his experience and not accounting for the circumstances that created these outliers for Lewis and his time at USC.