Ex-USC Basketball Assistant suspended for four games with Bill Self

Kurtis Townsend, USC Basketball, USC Trojans
Kurtis Townsend, USC Basketball, USC Trojans / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the last few decades, countless coaches have entered the USC Basketball program. Whether these are head coaches, assistants, or even player development, the Trojans have seen it all. Kurtis Townsend was one of these coaches who spent a few years (2001-2003) as an assistant. Furthermore, he has followed through with his coaching career as he is now a part of Kansas' basketball organization.

In recent news, it has been reported that Townsend and Kansas head coach, Bill Self, were suspended for several games due to an infractions case. This suspension consists of match-ups against Omaha, North Dakota State, Southern Utah, and even a face-off with Duke. Kansas may face troubles through these games as they will be leaning on their assistant coach, Norm Roberts.

Moreover, an infraction correlates to breaking a set of rules or agreements. In this case, the two coaches crossed the line regarding the school's relationship with Adidas. As a result, Kansas released this case to the IARP, Independent Accountability Resolution Process.

In detail, Self and Townsend, along with the Jayhawks program, were accused of exploiting their relationship with Adidas to lure the top recruits. The two coaches continuously encouraged Adidas employees to make illegal moves leading up to the suspension and its restrictions.

This connects to NIL deals for athletes and their ability to profit based on their names. Some of these infractions wouldn't be against the rules if they were done today, as there has of course been legislation put in place relating to making money via NIL.

In addition, Kansas also addressed several other implications of this suspension. These include recruiting restrictions and reduced official/unofficial visits. This harms not only the basketball program but also the commitment process for future recruits.

The former USC Basketball Assistant is not representing the Trojan culture at the highest level.

Before his time with USC Basketball, Kurtis Townsend had experienced coaching for several other schools, including Michigan, California, and Eastern Kentucky. In July of 2003, Townsend's time with USC ended as he left coach Henry Bibby's staff for the University of Miami. He would then leave in 2004 to join the Kansas Jayhawks.

Despite his experience and accomplishments, this infraction case is not representing the USC name in the strongest capacity. The suspension not only makes headlines for the former USC assistant but also displays the values and morals he brings to each school he has coached.

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That said, Self will remain with Kansas as he signed a five-year deal in April of 2021 with a base salary, guaranteed money, retention bonus, and professional services. This agreement also mentions how the school will not be able to move on from Self in cases that are tied to an infraction. However, Self will have to give up a portion of his income if the Big 12 or NCAA chooses to suspend him. Remember, the suspension he's currently serving is self-imposed from the Jayhawk program.