Dan Orlovsky already has high praise for USC QB Caleb Williams' NFL prospects

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
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Dan Orlovsky said on the Pat McAfee Show, that "if I was a (NFL) team and I knew I stunk, I'd wait until next year to draft a QB...Drake Maye and Caleb Williams are both studs." He stated this ever so high praise about USC Football's QB last Wednesday, and it means a lot for Williams' pro prospects.

If teams should be waiting until 2024 to draft a quarterback due to how outstanding Williams is, he's clearly making tons and tons of progress in becoming the QB he set out to be. He and his family made it very clear this offseason that they wanted Williams to play for the program that gives him the best chance to develop for the NFL.

If Williams is already a better pro prospect than the Bryce Young's of the world, then clearly he made the right decision. And he's certainly had the better season than Young, which is of course notable because this is Williams' first full season as a starting quarterback. Here's a numbers breakdown between Young (on the left) and Williams (on the right):

62.9% Completion %//////////63.7 Completion %

8.2 passing yards per attempt//////////8.8 passing yards per attempt

8.9 adjusted passing yards per attempt//////////10.4 adjusted passing yards per attempt

(All stats in article are as of November 12th.)

Dan Orlovsky has USC Football Caleb Williams going No. 2 in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Dan Orlovsky does have Maye going before USC Football QB Caleb Williams, but still has Williams going in the top two. Orlovsky cited that Young is very talented, but is concerned about his size. Young is six feet tall and 194 pounds. Williams is 6-1 and weighs 218 pounds. Williams does indeed beat him when it comes to his size.

And again, Orlovsky made it clear that there are talented guys coming out for the 2023 draft beyond just Young. He also mentioned that he likes C.J. Stroud. It's understandable to want to draft Williams over Stroud, though. After all, Williams is a much better threat with his legs. Williams has a career 4.6 yards per carry average. Stroud has just a 1.8 yard per carry average.

Stroud, who's a year older than Williams and has also started for half a season longer, has just 103 rushing yards. That's 622 yards behind Williams. He's not a dual-threat QB like Williams is, which is a strong advantage Williams has over the Ohio State QB.

Williams is being groomed by Lincoln Riley, who has already sent his first three QB's to the NFL Draft, and in the first two rounds at that. Two were first overall picks too. One of them in Kyler Murray has been very successful in the National Football League, making each of the last two Pro Bowls.

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His second rounder is one of the top MVP candidates in the league this year in Jalen Hurts, playing exceptionally well in the pro game too. Williams is in great hands, and has clearly made the right move by transferring to USC. Already receiving this praise from NFL analysts goes to show that he's ahead of schedule in his development.