Coolest USC memorabilia and collectibles on the internet

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Whether you're looking to start a USC fan cave or already have a sizeable collection of memorabilia, there's always more to find out there on the internet.

Here are the coolest pieces out there for USC memorabilia and collectible hunters:

Rodney Peete Autograph Print Sports Illustrated Cover

Many a Trojan star has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, making them the perfect collectible to cover the walls of your fan cave. A framed autograph print of a Rodney Peete cover is an affordable place to start.

Order a Rodney Peete's Sports Illustrated cover for $42.99

Matt Leinart Autograph Print Sports Illustrated Cover

If Peete was before your time, or if you just really love a reminder of those four beautiful numbers 55-19, there's something for you too.

Order a Matt Leinart Sports Illustrated cover for $42.99

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Autographed Reggie Bush Sports Illustrated Magazine

Want to go a step further than just prints? Pick up an autographed edition of Reggie Bush's appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated for the 2005 season.

Order an autographed Reggie Bush Sports Illustrated for $217.99

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USC Baseball Jersey Signed By Trojan Legends

It's not just USC football stars who can provide awesome memorabilia. You can get a Trojan baseball jersey signed by Tom Seaver, Mark McGwire, Randy Johnson and Fred Lynn.

Order a quadruple signed USC baseball jersey for $599.99

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USC All-Time Greats Trading Card Plaque

Maybe you're big on trading cards? Here's a great way to show it with a mounted plaque featuring eight licensed trading cards. You can even swap out the cards for your favorites.

Order an USC All-Time Greats Plaque for $39.99


Sam Darnold Bobblehead

Sometimes autographs don't strike the fancy. What about a bobble head? Sam Darnold looking downfield in a classic on-the-run pose should do just the trick.

Order a Sam Darnold bobble head for $40


Tommy Trojan BRXLZ Mascot

Want soemthing more unique than footballs, mini helmets or bobble heads? The BRXLZ version f Tommy Trojan brings a minecraft flare to the collectibles game.

Order a Tommy Trojan BRXLZ Mascot for $30


LA Memorial Coliseum BRXLZ Stadium

If the 2020 season taught us anything, it's to appreciate the beauty of a stadium like the LA Memorial Coliseum. Keep the Coliseum close with a cool block version sure to draw the eye of kids and adults alike.

Order a Coliseum BRXLZ Stadium for $80

LA Memorial Coliseum 3D Wall Art

For something a bit more classic involving the Coliseum, you can't go wrong with a striking piece of 3D wall art for your office or fan cave.

Order a Coliseum 3D Wall Art for $249.99

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