Caleb Williams transfer could have major effects on National Signing Day for USC

Nov 27, 2021; Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA; Caleb Williams is now with USC Football.
Nov 27, 2021; Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA; Caleb Williams is now with USC Football. / Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Caleb Williams' transfer is such a major impact move that it could even affect National Signing Day for USC football tomorrow.

Now that SC has a transfer from the elite QB, it changes the QB outlook on our roster, as well as the overall outlook of the type of players we'll look to bring in. Now that Williams is ours, we may no longer be interested in bringing in a last-minute depth QB on signing day. We essentially already brought that in with SC bringing in preferred walk-on Keegan Patterson over the weekend.

That's what he'll be now that we brought in Williams. We very well may no longer be on the lookout for a late add at QB through not only National Signing Day, but also maybe not through the transfer portal either. Now, we have Williams, an awesome back-up to have in 2020 four-star Miller Moss (all recruiting rankings and ratings in article are as of 247Sports), another preferred walk-on in Mo Hasan who has starting SEC experience as our third string guy, and now Patterson.

We needed depth at QB, but we look fine there at the moment.

Other positions could be affected for USC football on National Signing Day by the Caleb Williams decision.

Now that Caleb Williams is here, more players could be encouraged to flip to USC football on Wednesday's National Signing Day. Some top recruits, like USC target Josh Conerly, won't be committing until March. Some, however, may have second thoughts on where they want to commit and could flip to the Trojans.

Some would consider it unlikely, and I'm not guaranteeing anything. It is true, though, that many transfers will now take interest in playing with Williams at SC, and it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for recruits to find SC more attractive now that we have Williams in the fold. For what it's worth, Oklahoma writer for The Athletic, Jason Kersey, wrote that some of OU's biggest receivers would be potentially following Williams to wherever he chooses to go.

"Will other Oklahoma players follow Williams? Obviously, there is a chance. Wide receivers Mario Williams and Jalil Farooq were explicit about wanting to play with Caleb Williams. Farooq and Caleb Williams were youth football teammates and both came from the Washington, D.C., area. There have also been rumblings about Marvin Mims, the Sooners’ leading receiver the past two seasons. Mims said before the Alamo Bowl that he wanted to be at OU in 2022 but didn’t explicitly confirm his return."

Jason Kersey, The Athletic

Well, Mario already transferred here, so there absolutely could be something to what Kersey is saying. And while Farooq and Mims may OR may NOT be heading to SC, it goes to show that Caleb's transfer may have caught the attention of other weapons across the country. If SC has a line of transfer options at Farooq and/or Mims' caliber, they may not push for some last-minute high school adds Wednesday at skill positions.

Even with other positions too, as the program as a whole is much better now that they added the most anticipated transfer in portal history. Therefore, SC may want to think twice about adding more high school recruits on Wednesday if they have already proven talents awaiting them in the portal.

Perhaps Lincoln Riley would rather go the high school route over the transfer portal route. After all, he has the 65th ranked recruiting class and the No. 1 ranked transfer portal class.

It very well is possible that he'd rather improve the high school talent coming in. It's just also very plausible that he'd prefer to utilize the transfer portal, considering just how much he has used it so far. Regardless, there's no way that SC is done building a very nice roster for next year.

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However Riley chooses to do it, I have my full trust in him to construct the best possible roster. He has officially earned that trust, if he hadn't already before.