Caleb Williams picking Wisconsin over USC football would be a joke

OU quarterback Caleb Williams is reportedly considering a transfer to not only USC football but Wisconsin as well.
OU quarterback Caleb Williams is reportedly considering a transfer to not only USC football but Wisconsin as well. / BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN / USA TODAY

The experts have, and still are, mostly predicting OU QB Caleb Williams to follow Lincoln Riley to USC football in the transfer portal.

And it makes sense. Williams in the past has admitted that he'd even walk-on for Riley, and he was excellent in just his true freshman season in his offense last year. He averaged 9.1 yards per attempt, averaged 5.6 yards per carry, scored 27 total touchdowns, and threw just four picks. He wasn't even the starter until the second half of the season yet was still at times the No. 1 Heisman favorite.

What doesn't make sense, however, is a recent rumor that the University of Wisconsin has emerged as a true threat to SC for Williams. If Williams transferred to Wisconsin, it would be legitimately hilarious.

Caleb Williams needs to play for USC football instead of Wisconsin due to his aspirations of playing in the NFL.

Caleb Williams and his family have made it clear that the biggest part of his decision will come down to who can prepare him best for the NFL, and there's no better program to develop quarterbacks than the USC football program. All seven of their last seven starting QBs (and an eighth--one of their backups) have been drafted to the NFL (excluding Kedon Slovis and JT Daniels who haven't come out yet), and four have been drafted in the top 10.

Can someone help me out with Wisconsin? I can't really remember Wisconsin QBs in the draft being a thing.

Well, a quick internet search lets you know why I forgot that Wisconsin quarterbacks in the NFL Draft exist. It's because they've had ONE--yes, one--drafted in the last 10 YEARS.

Russell Wilson, and that's it. Yes, Wilson is the quarterback who beat our own Carson Palmer a grand total of two times in the NFL out of six tries, and one was a game when Palmer rested the second half anyway so he could be ready for the playoffs.

Wisconsin doesn't run an offense that fits what Williams is good at. Williams needs to be on the run, consistently booted and rolled out of the pocket, and making throws on the move. He also needs to be able to execute some designed QB runs and run some option.

Who's more open to doing all of that consistently? Riley, or the University of Wisconsin? It's a rhetorical question.

Wait, but didn't they let Russell Wilson use his mobility as a big part of the offense? Yes, and that was 10 years ago and people also forget that Wilson only played at Wisconsin for one year. Three out of the four years of his college football playing career and development had nothing to do with Wisconsin.

And you see, at USC we have a tradition of developing HIGH draft picks, and we put four of our last seven quarterbacks in the top 10. Wilson, Wisconsin's lone QB drafted in the past 10 years, was not only not a first round pick but wasn't taken until the third round.

Wisconsin is a running team every year. Riley's offense is about as balanced as it gets.

Again, what do you think Williams would prefer? And again, this was a rhetorical question.

Pairing a school with USC's QB pedigree with Riley's is a literal match made in heaven. I haven't even brought up the fact that Riley's offense is already quite proven as an NFL Draft factory. Every single one of his three quarterbacks at OU were taken in the first two rounds of the Draft.

In the last 19 years, four of the Heisman winners have been either USC quarterbacks or Riley quarterbacks. Three of those were No. 1 overall NFL Draft picks. And speaking of Heismans and NFL Draft picks, let's remember the history SC has for both of those categories, and the lack of history Wisconsin has for both of those categories.

In fact, let's examine the history of both programs across all major categories. On the left is USC's numbers, and on the right is Wisconsin's (in parentheses is their all-time rank):

11 National Titles (2nd)-----0 National Titles (N/A)

.695 All-Time Record (8th)-----.586 All-Time Record (33rd)

53 Bowl Games (6th)-----33 Bowl Games (34th)

856 Wins (10th)-----728 Wins (25th)

.642 Bowl Record (6th)-----.545 Bowl Record (28th)

82 Consensus All-Americans (5th)-----32 Consensus All-Americans (22nd)

7 Heismans (1st)-----2 Heismans (12th)

517 NFL Draft Picks (2nd)-----289 NFL Draft Picks (19th)

83 1st Round NFL Draft Picks (2nd)-----30 1st Round NFL Draft Picks (21st)

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There's no reason Williams needs to spend the rest of his college career at Wisconsin. It's not in his best interest to choose that program over the collegiate power and NFL factory that USC is.