Caleb Williams now owns single-season rushing record for a USC Football QB

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

USC Football QB Caleb Williams had 35 rushing yards in his routing of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Saturday. He did it in incredibly absurd fashion too, finding all sorts of ways to evade an entire defense on MANY plays when ND tried to pressure Williams. Williams doesn't feel pressure, though, and he doesn't really get tackled either.

Williams is now at 351 rushing yards. To do that while being a pass-first QB who has racked up 3,712 passing yards is quite a feat, and actually a historical one at that. Williams is officially the single-season record-holder for rush yards by a quarterback in all of USC Football's history.

Those yards to go along with his 10 rushing touchdowns show how dominant of a dual-thrat signal-caller he is. And keep in mind that he's having this type of season and putting up these type of numbers with two games still left to play...

SC knew they were getting a great runner in their QB, when they found Williams in the transfer portal this last offseason. Williams came to USC with 442 rushing yards, despite only starting for half of a season at the college level. His career 4.5 yards per carry average is a strong one, and particularly strong for a quarterback.

USC Football QB Caleb Williams is using his legs to position himself to be considered one of the best quarterbacks in SC history.

That's because USC Football QB Caleb Williams will almost certainly win the Heisman Trophy this year if he wins the PAC-12 Championship Game this week, which he is going to be favored in. He could still win it without even winning that title game. If he does that, he's going to be one of three USC Quarterbacks to have won a Heisman Trophy (Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart).

That's about as impressive as it gets, as USC has historically had the best quarterback play of any university in the country. They've even had four different quarterbacks named as Consensus All-Americans, and six including all three of Leinart's Consensus All-American selections.

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To be in the top three with the other two Heisman winners is heroic, and who knows if he could be at that level without his strong rushing ability. Look at his competition for the Heisman. Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud is the No. 2 favorite right now, and he has just 74 rushing yards and no rushing touchdowns on the year. Williams' dual-threat abilities are what's setting him apart from the rest.