Caleb Williams: Former USC Trojans quarterback helps out a frustrated Bears fan

The pre-NFL Draft process was incredibly polarizing for Caleb Williams. Despite this, the Chicago Bears selected him with the first overall pick. Now, the former USC Trojans quarterback is winning fans with his response to a merchandise order gone wrong.
Apr 26, 2024; Lake Forest, IL, USA; Chicago Bears number one draft choice Caleb Williams  at a press conference at Halas Hall. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 26, 2024; Lake Forest, IL, USA; Chicago Bears number one draft choice Caleb Williams at a press conference at Halas Hall. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports / David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

A Chicago Bears fan advertised his frustration with Fanatics on Twitter/X last Friday. The Twitter/X user, Burns, posted an exchange with the sports apparel company's support team regarding his Caleb Williams jersey order. Fanatics' response indicating the jersey would be shipped in late September frustrated Burns.

Indeed, an order placed on draft night doesn't require a six-month production and shipping timeline. Thankfully, Burns' plea to the Chicago Bears and Caleb Williams for help did not go unnoticed.

Williams sent Burns a video acknowledging the situation and committed to sending the fan a jersey and a pair of tickets. Fanatics also did some investigative work and adjusted the shipping timelines of jersey orders placed by several Bears fans. This was outstanding work by Chicago's new franchise quarterback for several reasons.

Caleb Williams demonstrated his true character.

Williams sending his response direct to Burns instead of posting it on his Twitter/X timeline proves intent. The former Heisman Trophy winner was modestly helping a fan and not seeking attention. There is nothing wrong with Williams advertising his goodwill, but his intention to keep the exchange private speaks volumes.

Lastly, the simple fact that Williams is paying attention to Bears fans is excellent. We often hear pro athletes claim they don't know what is said on social media, much less care. I understand the preference to avoid the negativity packed into Twitter/X, but I'm a fan who enjoys the celebrity interactions. Also, I enjoy moments like this, where a high-profile player demonstrates that they do, for better or worse, hear what fans say.

Williams has done nothing but destroy the pre-draft narrative.

Some analysts and fans created a predominantly negative pre-draft narrative for the former USC Trojans quarterback. Some questioned his leadership abilities, while others criticized Williams' reactions and personal style. Indeed, fans put everything into a ringer, including everything Williams showing emotions after a significant loss to his choice of phone case.

Ironically, several Twitter/X users exposed Burns posting harsh criticisms of Williams on TikTok.

Despite all the negativity, the Chicago Bears stuck with Williams as their top pick because they realized he's a generational talent. One cannot be a generational talent without the character and competence required to lead effectively, regardless of physical abilities.

Caleb Williams's coaches and teammates loved him during his time with the USC Trojans and the Oklahoma Sooners. Those of us who have followed his career since high school know that he cares about others. It is not taking long for the Chicago Bears to realize this.

As for Fanatics, I have experienced some issues with my dozens of orders of college football and NFL merchandise. However, the online retail giant's support staff is always helpful in resolving any problems I encounter.

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I'm not a jersey-wearer, but I feel inclined to buy a Chicago Bears Caleb Williams jersey to show support for the rookie quarterback.