Caleb Williams' father spills the truth on how Oklahoma lost the new USC Football QB

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's now been five months since Caleb Williams transferred from Oklahoma to the USC football program. Williams' father made it clear as soon as Williams hit the portal that Williams would be playing for whichever program gave him the best chance to develop for the NFL.

Therefore, the obvious choice was USC. All seven of SC's last seven quarterbacks were drafted to the NFL (excluding JT Daniels and Kedon Slovis who haven't come out for the draft yet). Four of them were taken within the first ten overall picks, three of them were taken in the top five, and one was taken first overall.

Couple that with the fact that Lincoln Riley is now the coach at USC, and it was a true no-brainer. All of Riley's three starting quarterbacks he's had at OU before Williams were drafted within the first two rounds of the NFL Draft. Two were drafted first overall.

While it was public information that Williams wanted to go where he'd be best-developed for the NFL, Williams' father Carl went in depth about the decision and some things that went down that also contributed to Caleb being swayed to come to SC.

Carl revealed that USC football was not originally the frontrunner for Caleb Williams when he hit the portal.

According to Carl, Oklahoma choked Caleb Williams away. They were in the lead over USC football for where Caleb was going to play at.

“We didn’t know what we were going to do,” said Carl to the Los Angeles Times. “And honestly, when we went to the portal, Oklahoma was at the top of the list. But they did some things that weren’t in his best interest.”

As to what those "things that weren't in his best interest" are, at least one of them was very clear.

In fact, Caleb himself said that OU picking up UCF transfer Quarterback Dillon Gabriel quickly after Caleb announced that he'd be exploring his options cleared up the fact that the Sooners had moved on. Carl revealed what he had told the OU program ahead of time about what it would take for them to keep their 2022 Heisman hopeful:

"“I said this to Bob Stoops. I said this to Brent Venables...I’ll give you the clean version. You go to college to get prepared for your career. You want to be a doctor, you go to med school at the best college you can go into. You want to be a lawyer, you do the same. What we wanted to do was be prepared to play [in the NFL on] Day One. That was the driving force.”"

Carl Williams, Caleb Williams' father

Unfortunately for OU, though, they did not have what it took to provide Caleb with the best possible NFL development. Instead, they're rolling with Gabriel, who's coming off of a three-game season where he averaged eight yards per attempt compared to Caleb's 9.1, and averaged 8.4 adjusted yards per attempt compared to Caleb's 10.2.

His 9:3 touchdown to interception ratio last year was small potatoes compared to Williams' 21:4. He also averaged 5.2 yards per carry compared to Caleb's 5.6. Keep in mind that Gabriel was doing this against a Group of Five schedule.

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USC, however, is much better at quarterback due to their stronger likelihood of developing Caleb into the best NFL quarterback he can be over Oklahoma.