Bru McCoy eligibility news again proves USC football did nothing wrong

Bru McCoy, USC Football, USC Trojans
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Former USC Football WR Bru McCoy is now eligible to play college football for Tennessee immediately this year. Why is this news regarding USC? Because there was random and rampant speculation that USC was the cause of him not being cleared to play for the Volunteers this year after he transferred earlier in 2022.

After Vols Head Coach Josh Heupel said "Our administration has done everything they possibly can throughout the process (of getting McCoy eligible), and they’re still working as hard as they can...There are some things that are out of my control, Bru’s control and our administration’s control,” people took that as him potentially saying that USC hadn't completed the process to get McCoy immediately eligible on their end.

Of course, even if he was, that's obviously not true. If there's any issue that McCoy would have with eligibility, it would be with the NCAA. This was McCoy's FOURTH transfer. NCAA eligibility rules only allow for one transfer with immediate eligibility. McCoy had been lucky in the past with being able to play immediately, but that was on the NCAA to decide. USC has no say in that.

Vol fans blamed USC for allegedly not signing the No Participation Opportunity (NPO) form, despite having literally no evidence of it. That's obviously blasphemous, as USC would have no benefit in keeping McCoy ineligible. Also, here's a link to the NPO form to get an idea of what it's asking. The only way USC would not sign the form is if he didn't check one of the boxes.

USC football insisted the entire time that they had nothing to do with Bru McCoy's questionable immediate eligibility.

USC football told Outkick that "USC has – consistently with NCAA rules – promptly and accurately responded to all requests from the University of Tennessee related to the eligibility of Bru McCoy. At no point since Bru entered the transfer portal in January have we objected to him being made immediately eligible to play at Tennessee. The issue of Bru’s eligibility ultimately rests with the NCAA, and we wish him the very best."

Two days later, they posted the same statement on Twitter:

They said from the start that they had done everything they could to keep him eligible, and now with the news that McCoy will be eligible, they were proven right. Clearly, if they hadn't, he would not be eligible to play this year. So either they needed to sign the NPO form and did, or the decision was in the NCAA's hands anyway, and had nothing to do with SC.

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Either way, however, if USC hadn't done what they needed to do to get McCoy eligible, he of course wouldn't have been ruled eligible. Sure enough, he's good to go. And he's good to go immediately despite transferring FOUR times. Most players don't get immediate eligibility after TWO transfers. USC once again proved to have done nothing wrong in the McCoy transfer saga with Tennessee.