Kedon Slovis’ arm is really worrying USC football fans

USC football quarterback Kedon Slovis. (Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports)
USC football quarterback Kedon Slovis. (Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports) /

Kedon Slovis’ shaky arm has USC football fans wondering what’s up

What is wrong with Kedon Slovis?

If you’ve found yourself asking that question at any point in the 2020 season, you’re not alone.

On Saturday night as USC football battled Utah at Rice-Eccles Stadium, Slovis’ apparent arm troubles reared their ugly head once again.

A few missed throws were questioned, as they often were against ASU and Arizona. However, when the Trojan quarterback badly missed a receiver for an interception in the red zone, the reaction hit a fever pitch.

It wasn’t just a missed opportunity when he threw the ball behind the tight end. It was a costly mishap.

The most favorable explanation for the interception from a USC perspective would be a simple case of miscommunication.

Unfortunately, Slovis’ throwing problems all season made the throw rife for other types of speculation that have taken off since Week 1.

Mostly, fans were at a loss.

The idea that Slovis should be benched, however, was rightly met with derision from most, including a Trojan legend.

As usual, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

The thing is, even if Slovis’ arm was a serious question at times, he still had enough to toss two touchdowns. He delivered one on target to Tyler Vaughns on a slant for his first score of the day (not counting a scoop-and-score going the wrong way). He later tossed one to Erik Krommenhoek to put the Trojans up 24-10 before Utah responded before halftime.

The Trojans went into the break leading by seven. Aside from Slovis’ turnovers, USC played better in the first half than they managed in the first two weeks. Still, they still need to prove they can pull away from an opponent. Otherwise, another dramatic finish may be in the cards.

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