Bru McCoy catching a TD pass at the Coliseum is a long time coming for USC football (Video)

USC football wide receiver Bru McCoy. (Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports)
USC football wide receiver Bru McCoy. (Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports) /

USC football fans have been waiting a long time to watch Bru McCoy catch a touchdown pass at the Coliseum. They got a taste of it from Saturday’s scrimmage.

It took a lot longer than USC football fans may have hoped, but the Trojans are finally getting to see Bru McCoy in action.

There are still a few more weeks before the 2020 season kicks off and McCoy will have the chance to make an impact for real. For now, everyone has to make do with whatever nuggets leak out from practice.

One such scrap was shared by Gavin Morris, USC’s director of player development, on Saturday as USC took to the Coliseum field for a scrimmage.

It wasn’t the most spectacular catch for McCoy, but it showed his ability to separate and get his feet down for the score.

If you weren’t already looking at the calendar, excited for the return of Trojan football and the debut of McCoy in particular, you should be now.

Bru McCoy’s odyssey with USC football should finally lead him to the field

When McCoy signed with USC as a member of the class of 2019, he was expected to make an instant impact for the Trojans. He enrolled in classes and was set to participate in Spring Camp with an eye on playing immediately.

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However, the departure of newly-hired offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury gave McCoy second thoughts. He asked for a release from USC, which was granted, and left instead for Austin to join the Texas Longhorns.

While USC hired Graham Harrell and built excitement on offense over the course of the spring, McCoy struggled with homesickness. After camp was over, McCoy once again changed his mind and transferred from Texas back to USC.

The transfer required the receiver to sit out the season per NCAA rules, but that became a moot point. Over the summer, McCoy developed a mysterious illness that sapped his energy and plagued him with fevers. He wasn’t able to practice for most of the fall.

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All of those twists and turns are now behind him. McCoy is back practicing for USC and looking forward to a big debut season, a year late but no less anticipated.

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