USC football could pull off alternate jerseys with a traditional spin

USC football players in 1989. (Bernstein Associates/Getty Images)
USC football players in 1989. (Bernstein Associates/Getty Images) /

USC football jerseys are iconic because they’re traditional. Alternates don’t have to mess with that.

Let’s get something out of the way early. USC football jerseys are perfect the way they currently are.

The classic cardinal home jerseys with crescents over the shoulders and gold pants simply can’t be beat.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some experimentation every once in a while.

Is it time for USC to look into the occasional alternate look? If they do it right, Trojan fans might be surprised how much they might love something different.

USC football has an alternate option that wouldn’t forsake tradition.

Before USC transitioned back to their current look with the shoulder crescents, the Trojans rocked jerseys with shoulder stripes.

Fans rightly voted the crescents a better look. Those stripes though, they have some great history.

USC won national championships in 1972, 1974 and 1978 in shoulder stripes.

Marcus Allen and Charles White won Heismans in shoulder stripes.

Junior Seau made the No. 55 iconic in shoulder stripes.

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An alternate with those stripes restored would be an outstanding way to shake things up on the uniform front while still honoring the deep tradition of USC.

It wouldn’t be hard to pull off either. Nike already has the template.

Georgia just announced alternate throwback jerseys from the 1980s. The jerseys have a modern fit, but classic style.

Ohio State has also embraced tight shoulder stripes that would be doable on USC home or away jerseys.

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Alternates in that style would create the best of both worlds. USC wouldn’t fall into the same mistake as Notre Dame with their more hideous uniform looks. They’d be able to do something that looks different and good while honoring tradition.

And there’d be something new to sell in the bookstore.

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