USC football living ‘So what? Now what?’ mantra after season cancelation

USC football players. (Alicia de Artola/Reign of Troy)
USC football players. (Alicia de Artola/Reign of Troy) /

USC football players were back on the practice field for workouts on Wednesday morning.

If you’re a USC football fan and you woke up on Wednesday, staring hopelessly at the ceiling while a cloud of gloom hung overhead, you’re surely not alone.

How does one cope with the idea the first fall without a USC football season since 1913

That’s a question fans will be dealing with for the coming months. But for USC football players, to their credit, there was no time for wallowing.

Early Wednesday morning, the Trojans were back to work.

USC football players are embracing the “So what? Now what?” mantra once more.

In 2019, in the wake of a disastrous season, the Trojans took up a new rallying cry: “So what? Now what?”

Players and coaches pointed to this mantra throughout the offseason and the season. When things went wrong, the emphasis was on the response.

Those words apply now more than ever. So what the fall season is canceled? Now what?

Even on Tuesday afternoon, with the wound still fresh as the news was broken, USC’s players were embracing the idea of moving forward.

“Adapt n conquer,” tweeted Stephen Carr.

“CONTROL WHAT U CAN CONTROL,” Vavae Malepeai added.

Players talked the talk. Then they walked the walk by continuing their workouts as normal.

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“The game teaches so many LIFE LESSONS, Resilience & Responding are two of those,” safeties coach Craig Naivar tweeted on Wednesday along with a picture of his safety group on the practice field. “Damn proud of this crew that rolled in at 6:30 this morning, without feeling sorry for themselves, moaping, whining, crying or asking why, instead they simply asked WHAT’s NEXT? Then ATACKED IT !!!!”

It’s an unprecedented time in the world and college football. It’s undoubtedly difficult. But USC’s players have handled the situation with as much grace and professionalism as could be asked of college athletes.

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They were safe and disciplined enough to avoid positive tests for weeks since returning to campus. Now they’re bringing that same maturity to the aftermath of their fall dreams being crushed despite their best efforts.

They may not have a season, but they should have plenty of praise.

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