USC Podcast: RoT Radio Ep. 378 on the Pac-12 canceling the fall season

Reign of Troy's USC podcast discusses the latest Trojan news.
Reign of Troy's USC podcast discusses the latest Trojan news. /

Reign of Troy Radio’s USC podcast is back to talk about the Pac-12 canceling the fall season.

Co-hosts Michael Castillo and Alicia de Artola return to the air for another episode of the Reign of Troy Radio USC podcast tackling the toughest news yet from a difficult 2020: no football this fall.

Why did the Pac-12 and Big Ten make the decision to nix the season? Can they figure out spring football? All that and more is to come.

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What’s in store with this USC podcast:

  • Michael and Alicia mourn the loss of the 2020 season while trying to make sense of all the reasons things played out this way. Who dropped the ball?
  • What does the canceled season mean for the Trojans, the Pac-12 and college football at large? The RoT team covers the necessity of the shutdown, concerns over the spring season, worries over transfers and much more.
  • The show ends as always with a mailbag. This week listeners tweeted, Slacked and emailed in questions and commentary that hits at the heart of the coronavirus pandemic and college football.

The season is gone but Reign of Troy Radio isn’t. We’re going to continue to put out weekly podcast episodes as the fall approaches. That means we still need your support.

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