USC football officially welcomes Reggie Bush back with video tribute

USC football welcomed Reggie Bush back officially. (Photo by Kirby Lee/Getty Images)
USC football welcomed Reggie Bush back officially. (Photo by Kirby Lee/Getty Images) /

After 10 years, USC football officially welcomed Reggie Bush back into the Trojan Family.

Reggie Bush is back in the USC football family. Officially.

On Wednesday, USC marked the end of the NCAA-mandated 10-year dissociation period with a video touting the return of the Heisman-winning running back.

The video tribute welcomed Bush back by recounting his commitment to USC, his contributions to the program, his time with the New Orleans Saints and his charity work.

Why was Reggie Bush welcomed back to USC football now?

It’s been 10 years since the NCAA dropped major penalties on USC stemming from a scandal involving Reggie Bush and his family receiving illegal benefits from a pair of would-be agents.

The NCAA enforced an indefinite disassociation from the player along with vacated victories, a two-year postseason ban and the loss of 30 scholarships over three years.

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The Trojans saw out the postseason ban. They navigated the difficulties of a roster with 30-less promising prospects. But still, the question of Bush’s return remained.

Then in 2019, interim athletic director Dave Roberts revealed to that NCAA rule changes instituted in 2017 limited disassociations to 10 years. Once June 10, 2020, came around, USC would have the choice to once again acknowledge Bush.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Reporting from ESPN on Tuesday night hinted that an end to the disassociation would officially come, but Wednesday brought the official word.

University president Carol Folt wrote in a letter to Bush: “I am pleased to inform you that all restrictions and prohibitions on your involvement in our athletics program are officially removed and you will be afforded the privileges and courtesies extended to all Trojan football alumni.”

USC can now feature Bush among its collection of retired jerseys. They can welcome him to practice and games as an alum in good standing. His jersey could theoretically go on sale at the USC Bookstore.

Public sentiment is in favor of even more.

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Now could be the time for USC to push for the Heisman Trust reinstating Bush’s Heisman Trophy, returning it to Heritage Hall.

Either way, Bush is back home at USC and that means the world is just a little bit better.

His statement on the matter was short and sweet: “I’ve dreamed of this day for 10-plus years, and I’m excited to come home!”

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