Austin Jackson drafted: Best social media reaction to the USC pick

USC needs to add quality to their offensive line room. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
USC needs to add quality to their offensive line room. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

USC Twitter celebrated while NFL Twitter debated Austin Jackson’s selection.

USC football’s NFL draft count took a step forward on Thursday with the first-round selection of offensive tackle Austin Jackson.

Jackson was picked up with the 18th pick overall by the Miami Dolphins, setting off the usual storm of tweets that accompany draft day.

It was an emotional moment for many, from Jackson who now knows his home in the NFL as well as viewers of ESPN and NFL Network’s broadcast.

That’s because a centerpiece of the coverage around Jackson’s selection was around his bone marrow donation to his sister ahead of the 2019 season.

Jackson’s sacrifice is a great example of his character, but a first-round selection also shows the tremendous potential he displays on the football field.

That’s not to say everyone agrees on that potential. Jackson was one of the 2020 prospects who divided opinion.

So we took a look at just what people on Twitter were saying about Jackson and his future in the pros.

But first, here’s how USC’s official accounts announced the pick with stats and video:

Also, here is how USC coaches and players celebrated the pick:

What did the media think of the pick? Everyone agrees Jackson is a project, but not everyone is on the same page about the wisdom of the selection:

As for Dolphins fans, reviews were just as mixed. Some were scratching their head. Some were downright unimpressed. But others fully embraced their new player:

It’s now Jackson’s job to prove his doubters wrong and to live up to the expectations of his supporters.

He is the first Trojan to be drafted by the Dolphins in the past 10 years. Patrick Turner was the last USC player to head to Miami on draft day in the third round in 2009.

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