USC Podcast: Mailbag on lost season hypotheticals and more

Reign of Troy's USC podcast discusses the latest Trojan news.
Reign of Troy's USC podcast discusses the latest Trojan news. /

Reign of Troy Radio’s USC podcast returns with a mailbag episode focusing on the possibility of a lost 2020 football season.

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In an hour long mailbag episode, Reign of Troy co-hosts Michael Castillo and Alicia de Artola discuss the possibility of losing the 2020 season, USC’s potential as a national title contender and more.

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What’s in store with this USC podcast:

  • This week’s mailbag episode opens with a big picture question: What would the impact of a lost 2020 season be for USC and college football as a whole?
  • With the coronavirus quarantine continuing, several questions relate to the things we’re doing to get through. Those include NCAA Football reminiscing and reliving old football games on youtube. Plus our plans for the future when it comes to shows covering those old games.
  • After taking a call from a RoTBot uncomfortable with Top 10 recruiting lists, Michael and Alicia discuss Barton Simmons contention that USC could be a title contender with some prompting from a listener.
  • Other questions include the story of how Michael and Alicia met, deciding which receiver will lead the Trojans in 2020, trying to make sense of the linebacker depth chart and thoughts on Cactus Cooler.

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