USC football players who could actually benefit from delayed Spring Camp

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Some USC football players can take advantage of the suspension of Spring Camp, getting fully healthy before practices resume.

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The impact of the novel coronavirus is being felt across the world and the sports world is no exception. USC football’s Spring Camp was suspended while all spring sports were canceled for the remainder of the school year.

These are scary times, but there may be a net positive impact for players who were going to be limited in Spring Camp either way.

Here is a look at the Trojans who can find a silver lining to the clouds:

JT Daniels

JT Daniels suffered his season-ending knee injury on August 31. Projecting out his rehab through nine months (the back end of the standard recovery timeline), he could be medically cleared in full by May.

Already the Trojans were hoping to have him cleared for some throwing, like Routes On Air and 1-on-1s, by the end of March, though he would still have to be held back. With the delay of camp, Daniels wouldn’t be restricted when practice reconvenes.

What would that mean for USC? Two healthy quarterbacks of starting quality would be available to battle it out for the top spot on the depth chart.

Kedon Slovis remains the favorite to retain his place as the starter, but a real challenge from Daniels could only be a good thing. If Daniels rises to the top, then he will have had to prove it undeniably. If Slovis holds on, he will have had to outcompete his teammate, avoiding stagnation going into his sophomore season.

Had Spring Camp gone on as planned, Daniels the competition wouldn’t have involved the two players getting off on equal footing.