USC fans react harshly on social media to reports of Clay Helton’s return

Alicia de Artola/Reign of Troy
Alicia de Artola/Reign of Troy /

USC fans on social media were not exactly pleased to hear reports that Clay Helton will return as the Trojans head coach.


On Tuesday night, a report from Zach Barnett of Football Scoop set off a firestorm of anger and protest from USC fans across social media.

What was the report? Clay Helton will be retained as the Trojan head coach.

Barnett was later backed up by a handful of other reporters indicating the Trojans’ plan to keep Helton in place.

USC Twitter did not take it well…

That’s just a sample. The overwhelming majority of responses echo similar sentiments.

BarstoolSC tried to capture the mood of the fanbase with a thread of DMs from fans reacting to the news:

To be fair, while a majority of fans on social media have their pitchforks out, not everyone is anti-Helton.

Former USC longsnapper, and blind golf champion, Jake Olson spent most of Tuesday trying to calm down the frenzy.

As for where the Trojans go from here? Let’s start with Andy Staples of The Athletic pointing out the state of USC’s Trojan Athletic Fund donor website:

There may be an innocent explanation for that. USC could indeed be “upgrading” the online account experience, though what an unfortunate (or fortunate depending on your perspective) week to be doing it.

Alternatively, perhaps a flood of donors attempting to access the site after the Helton news broke on Tuesday night crashed the site. Of course, that explanation does nothing to lessen the embarrassment. It means Trojan fans are speaking with their wallets.

They may also be speaking with their feet in the 2020 season. At least that’s what you could determine from the results of USC Psycho’s Twitter poll, with a strong majority of fans indicating they will attend fewer or no games if Helton returns.

Social media only wields so much power though. According to former Trojan player Petros Papadakis, the unrest is not contained to just Twitter.

“The South Bay is fighting back so hard right now,” Petros wrote on Wednesday morning.

The question now, as the Trojan family awaits official word on Helton’s fate, is whether the discontent will have an impact.

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