USC Podcast: RoT Radio Ep. 325 Preseason Roundtable, ft. Keely Eure and THT (Part I)

Reign of Troy's USC podcast discusses the latest Trojan news.
Reign of Troy's USC podcast discusses the latest Trojan news. /

Reign of Troy Radio’s USC podcast returns with the first part of RoT’s second-annual preseason roundtable, featuring Keely Eure and Kenneth Martin.

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In the 67-minute first part of this year’s roundtable extravaganza, co-hosts Michael Castillo and Alicia de Artola are joined by Keely Eure of and Kenneth Martin of Traveler Hates Thursday’s to discuss the expectations, hopes and fears for USC’s 2019 season.

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What’s in store with this USC podcast:

  • Michael, Alicia, Keely and Kenny dive into discussion about the Coliseum renovations and the Fall Showcase and much more, like how to balance excitement and expectations, the biggest concerns on offense and defense and the more promising aspects of the offense and defense.
  • Questions from listeners include:
    • Who was the Showcase MVP? (And why was it Ben Griffiths)
    • Did USC run the plays they will actually run in games? Or was the offense vanilla to avoid showing their hand?
    • What was the biggest difference in Fall Camp this year?
    • Which units are better, the same or worse as last year’s squad?
  • Tune in later this week for the conclusion of the two part roundtable!

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