USC Podcast: RoT Radio Ep. 318 with Keely Eure on camps and commits

Reign of Troy's USC podcast discusses the latest Trojan news.
Reign of Troy's USC podcast discusses the latest Trojan news. /

Reign of Troy Radio’s USC podcast returns with special guest Keely Eure to discuss three more commitments for USC’s 2020 class and camps plus a huge mailbag.

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In this 90-minute episode of Reign of Troy Radio, Michael Castillo and Alicia de Artola are joined by Keely Eure of, who helps breakdown the Trojans latest commitments, the camp circuit and more.

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What’s in store with this USC podcast:

  • The news segment opens with some drama between the NCAA and the state of California over student-athlete image and likeness legislation. Are we buying the NCAA’s threats?
  • Three-star seasons is still in full gear. Since our last episode USC picked up another three three-star commitments. The gang discuss the three-star phenomenon, particularly as it relates to the offensive line.
  • What happens at USC’s Rising Stars and Trojan Elite Camp? Keely explains how it all works and how players and coaches can benefit.
  • Opening up the mailbag, Michael, Alicia and Keely have plenty of questions to get stuck into. They include:
    • Who will be the defensive beast in 2019?
    • Will USC have enough smarts to avoid Urban Meyer?
    • Who will be the most improved and most matured units for USC?
    • Is 10-2 plausible?
    • What reasons should fans be excited about the coming season?
    • If you had to successfully complete a two-point conversion for a billion dollars, what personnel, formation and playcall would you use?
    • And much more.

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