USC Podcast: RoT Radio Ep. 260 The Great No. 55 Debate


Reign of Troy’s USC podcast returns with a discussion around the No. 55 jersey at USC and what it means, plus an in-depth discussion on the offensive line.

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Co-hosts Michael Castillo and Alicia de Artola tackle the debate over the No. 55 jersey, go through some offensive line stats and answer listener questions in this 95-minute episode.

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What’s in store with this USC podcast:

  • The show opens with Michael and Alicia musing on name pronunciations and catching listeners up on plans with the Reign of Troy Patreon and new FanSided Swag store.
  • Getting into the meat of the episode, the news this week revolves around numbers, specifically the new jersey numbers for USC’s freshman class. There was talk that five-star linebacker Palaie Gaoteote could be awarded the No. 55. He ended up in the No. 1 instead. What does that mean for the future of No. 55? How should USC handle the number? The debate rages on.
  • Elsewhere in the news, it’s been five years since the last NCAA Football video game from EA was released. Meanwhile, Josh Rosen proposed a plan to fix the NCAA’s revenue model to give players a piece of the pie. How are those things related? Could a Bruin bring back the game a Bruin took away?
  • The offensive line isn’t the biggest talking point going into 2018, that status belongs to the quarterback battle. But should it be? Pro Football Focus has some offensive line stats which brings that unit’s triumphs and struggles into focus.
  • Diving into this week’s mailbag, questions from listeners include:
    • A voicemail from Dave in OC’s father giving a rebuttal on the “Porter Gustin is overrated” discussion.
    • An email on what’s more critical: the offensive line carrying a rookie quarterback or the defense making up for a rookie quarterback?
    • Tweets on Iman Marshall’s starting job, Clay Helton’s loss threshold, recruits USC missed out on and more.
  • The show ends with a preview of a RoT Fall Camp unit preview from Patreon.

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