Should USC fans worry about Sam Darnold delivering on expectations?

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 02: Quarterback Sam Darnold
PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 02: Quarterback Sam Darnold /

Should USC fans worry about Sam Darnold? The debut of Sports By Scondi on Reign of Troy dives into the pros and cons of the quarterback’s expectations.

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"“Soon, hands were shooting up and folks were standing and passes were being completed to all corners of the room. A pass was deftly floated around two busboys and placed perfectly into the arms of a woman in a black cocktail dress. A pass was whizzed past a poster and perfectly into the gut of a prominent benefactor as he walked to the silent auction table. One pass was even thrown past all the tables, rattling earrings and cufflinks as it sailed into the blackness at the back of the room, where it landed in the protruding silk-shirted belly of a businessman who was so excited he acted as if he was going to spike it into a collection of breadbaskets.”"


Hangs Out With The Volleyball Team

Went On Sports Science

Projected To Leave Early And Get Drafted By The Jets

He Has Red Hair

"“Marinovich entered the 1990 season as a Heisman Trophy candidate, with speculation on his leaving school early for the NFL. Head coach Larry Smith set for Marinovich the goal of a 70% pass completion rate. However, his play became erratic due to his personal difficulties. After finding out Marinovich had been skipping numerous classes Smith suspended him from the Arizona State game, but his play against Arizona had been so poor that he might have been kept out of the game regardless. Smith had a difficult relationship with Marinovich, and the relationship worsened when the quarterback began yelling at the coach on national television during a loss in the Sun Bowl. Marinovich was arrested for cocaine possession a month later, and entered the NFL draft after the season.”"

“Buck” Darnold

"“Sam was born on June 5, 1997, and arrived at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo two weeks early, weighing eight pounds, five ounces. Mike thought to name him “Buck” but was overruled.”"

Too Many Articles On Him


The Party Paradox

"“As he navigates new pressure, outsize attention and vanishing free time, Darnold often retreats to the beach lifestyle where he feels safe, with people he trusts, to remind him of who he is.”"

He Shines On And Off The Field

Played Multiple Sports As A Child

"“So, his parents did what few Orange County parents do—they ignored the inevitable siren call for their son to limit his world to one activity. They refused to hire a one-on-one guru; to enroll him in tutorial sessions; to force him to choose.”"

He Can Run

His Grandfather Is Dick Hammer

Final Conclusion