USC Football Enjoys Lawry’s Beef Bowl Ahead of 2017 Rose Bowl

Carvers pose with USC Song Girls at the Lawry's Beef Bowl ahead of the 2017 Rose Bowl.
Carvers pose with USC Song Girls at the Lawry's Beef Bowl ahead of the 2017 Rose Bowl. /

The USC football team enjoyed the Lawry’s Beef Bowl on Thursday night, chowing down on juicy prime rib ahead of the 2017 Rose Bowl.

There are dozens of traditions that make the Rose Bowl a uniquely special experience. The Lawry’s Beef Bowl is one of them.

Lawry’s has fed the two teams participating in the Rose Bowl going back to the 1950s. Penn State enjoyed their meal on Wednesday night, but the Trojans held court on Thursday night with a crowd of Trojans in attendance.

A contingent of the band and song girls were on hand to welcome the Trojans, and their CHP escorts, to Lawry’s along with restaurant staff who lined the red carpet to greet the team.

Adoree’ Jackson made the ceremonial first cut, then told the Food Network to consider it his audition.

Where did the first cut go? To the head coach, of course.

USC’s high school relations coordinator, Gavin Morris, chatted with Zach Banner and Chad Wheeler about what they’d be enjoying for dinner.

The Trojans got to chow down on slabs of prime rib, cream corn and mashed potatoes with gravy.

And, of course, they finished it off with a slice of apple pie.

Longsnapper Jake Olson enjoyed the meal, maybe a bit too much, reporting a full belly at the end of the night.

After dinner was served and enjoyed, a Rose Bowl hype video had everyone amped up.

Before the Trojans went on their way, head coach Clay Helton came to the podium to offer a few words. At the end, he had his team stand and recite their “Constitution.”

It’s been eight years since USC participated in the Lawry’s Beef Bowl. Back on the scene, the Trojans certainly enjoyed the occasion.