USC’s Connor Spears Stranded at Airport on Way to Holiday Bowl


USC tight end Connor Spears surprised his mom by coming home for the holidays but got stranded in the airport on his way to the Holiday Bowl by bad weather in Texas.

The tale started with a great moment Spears posted on Twitter as he surprised his mother by coming home to South Dakota for Christmas.

Unfortunately for Spears, the trip home was not so pleasant. As the USC team traveled to San Diego for bowl preparation on Saturday, Spears found himself on the wrong side of terrible weather across the midwest.

Teammates Nico Falah and Chris Brown took the opportunity to rib Spears about his misfortune:

Ultimately, the Columbia transfer ended up stranded in Lubbock, Texas.

Spears updated his situation on Sunday…still stuck at the airport in Lubbock, where he spent the night.

Monday morning rolled around and planes were still grounded in Texas, so Spears and his family began formulating a plan to get him to San Diego another way.

This time at least wide receiver Robby Kolanz offered some love:

Finally Spears had enough and hitched a ride to Denver where a potential flight out awaited him.

Keeping in line with USC players’ use of social media hash tags to voice their support for Clay Helton earlier this fall, Brown began his own campaign to #FreeConnor from travel delays:

Hours later, Spears finally had some good news to share thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Safely settled in Denver, Spears got some much needed comfort food as he awaits the ending to his nightmare of a trip.

Now Spears just needs to hope that there are no delays in Denver. Cross your fingers Trojan family.