USC Football Depth a Breath of Fresh Air After Years of Holding It


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Deep (adjective) – Extending far in width; broad; e.g. the ocean, a cognac drinking hipster on a Saturday night, the USC football team

That’s right. For the first time in years, we have depth in our positions. We have wide receivers galore! Running backs for days (plus or minus some possible injuries)! We even have options at kicker!

Any football fan knows that watching one of your players go down can range from startling to horrifying, depending on the injury.

What SC fans know is that it’s also heart-stopping, not only because you’re concerned for the player’s well-being, but also because at times there are truly no other options if he leaves the game.

If Marqise Lee or Buck Allen or Leonard Williams didn’t get up, there was a chance we weren’t winning that game.

A team is only as strong as its weakest player when there’s only one of those players.

And let’s take my own selfish winning desires out of the equation. What the NCAA did to our boys is practically criminal.

The amount of game time individuals were required to play was irresponsible at best and abusive at worst.

The human body isn’t made for the damage football does, even in the healthiest body. Between practices and game time, their bodies were beaten, bruised and broken.

These guys gave everything for their team and, for some, it has potentially cost them everything. After a lifetime of dreaming of the pros, some barely made it there limping, physically and emotionally.

Marqise Lee may never be healthy again, and nobody deserved success more than him.

The players of the last several years sacrificed for the Trojan name and, now, thankfully this team won’t have to put themselves in harm’s way to the same extent.

Our concern can focus on the player’s health, not how it will affect us.

And we can see some damn good football!

Fight On and see you Saturday! Beat the Red Wolves!

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