Pac-12 Media Days: Larry Scott Says No Conference Expansion


The Pac-12 will not be expanding anytime soon, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott asserted at media days Thursday.

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“I do not see us expanding for the foreseeable future,” Scott said. “We are delighted with 12 schools. It’s worked exceedingly well for us.”

Scott emphasized the sweet spot the conference has found with 12 teams and nine conference games.

Such a schedule allows teams to play all but two schools in the conference each year, which leaves less room for missing a top team.

With the Pac-12 Championship game further supplying competition, Scott argued that no other conference proves as much on the field as the Pac-12.

“Importantly, once again, the Pac-12 will have the toughest schedule in all of college football,” Scott said. “Simply put, no one will have a tougher road to the playoffs than the Pac-12 Champion.”

With national perceptions of the conference on the rise, the Pac-12 does not need to change what it is doing, according to Scott.

“When you go beyond 12, you’re going to dilute somewhat. You’re going to have more erratic types of schedules within your conference,” Scott said.

As it stands now, the College Football Playoff committee seems willing to reward Pac-12 teams for their strength of schedule, which is tied to the number of teams and structure of the conference.

Quick Hits From Larry Scott:

  • Scott addressed the recent AT&T buyout of DirecTV, though there appears to be no progress over getting the Pac-12 Networks in the homes of satellite provider’s customers just yet.“I’m optimistic that we’ll have positive conversations. I can’t predict what may happen when because those conversations have not been able to take place heretofore. But I’m delighted for our partners, delighted for us.”
  • Scott singled out Cody Kessler for his work with cancer patients and the Special Olympics which are currently being held on the USC campus.
  • No surprise in a media address like this, but Scott certainly took the chance to show off some stats for the conference. Last year the Pac-12 led the NCAA in championships for the 14th time in 15 years. They tied a conference record with six bowl wins and led all other conferences with 16 AP All-Americans.