Porter Gustin Signing Day Predictions: USC, Ohio State, Utah or ASU?


Porter Gustin out of Salem, Utah will be making his decision on Tuesday morning at 10:00 a.m Pacific, just a day ahead of National Signing Day.

The five-star linebacker’s final four appears to be USC, Utah, Arizona State and Ohio State, all of whom he’s visited within the last two and a half weeks.

The Trojans have one of his best buddies in Osa Masina, Arizona State has a custom position for him, Utah is the hometown school and Ohio State can play the program prestige card, as winners of the College Football Playoff.

Where will Gustin decide? Here’s our takes:

Alicia de Artola:

The Trojans seemed to do everything they could to land Porter Gustin but the late push from the Buckeyes has thrown everything into the wind. I’ve learned a (sometimes painful) lesson over the years following college football: don’t bet against Urban Meyer.

The momentum all points Ohio State’s way, especially with Gustin’s visit to Columbus giving Meyer, and that shiny new playoff trophy, the final word.

Gustin wants to challenge for titles and Ohio State is already on that level. USC still has a ways to climb. Even though I still think there’s still a chance Gustin could wake up tomorrow and feel the call to Los Angeles, my gut is telling me Meyer will win the day.PREDICTION: Ohio State Buckeyes

Michael Castillo:

In my time of following recruiting, and to a much lesser extent covering some recruiting here on RoT, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a recruitment have as much of a mixed bag as this one.

Every visit Gustin takes, his family and coaches rave about it on Twitter with more excitement than the most recent one. Yet we never seem to get any sort of clue from Gustin.

There aren’t any coded tweets like Iman Marshall or a strong sentiment that he’s leaning in one direction. That’s nothing but ambient emotions oozing here.

Though, while Meyer got the last word, USC got their official visit on the same weekend Rasheem Green, John Houston and several of committed players were on campus.

Maybe the Trojans did enough early to sell Gustin before Meyer could sell his family. But really, it’s anyone’s guess.PREDICTION: USC Trojans

Josh Webb:

I’m projecting Ohio State, if only for the fact that I’ve heard Gustin numerous times mention that he’d like to play at a different location than Masina. And I feel like Urban Meyer having the last word after the fantastic season that he just had is probably not what even a great recruiter like Steve Sarkisian wants to go up against.PREDICTION: Ohio State Buckeyes

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