Lendale White Escorted Out of Coliseum, Tweets to Fire Pat Haden


A near-perfect day for USC on homecoming was mired slightly by former Trojan standout Lendale White’s Twitter rant against Pat Haden, calling for the current athletic director to be fired.

The All-American running back attending USC’s homecoming game against Colorado and tweeted earlier in the day that he was excited to see new head coach Steve Sarkisian.

His positive tune changed shortly after game time, when he fired off against Haden, calling him a coward and calling for his firing.

The sudden change in tone seems to be related to something that happened after the game ended when White attempted to visit the team in the locker room. According to Max Meyer of Neon Tommy, White was refused entry.

While it’s not clear what USC’s policy on visiting alumni and locker room access is, the Trojans were chastised by the NCAA in the lack of institutional control ruling in 2010 for having open access to their locker rooms. That might explain the reason White was prevented from entering.

Of course this isn’t the first time White has gone off on a Trojan official via Twitter. Last week White called for defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox to be fired.

One can only guess he won’t be granted locker room access any time soon following this rant.

UPDATE: White confirmed that he was escorted out of the stadium.

But the ex-player wasn’t finished. He later added that he is embarrassed to be a Trojan.

Meanwhile, more reports continue to trickle in about the incident.

Scott Wolf of the Daily News reported White was seen yelling at Haden on the field. Ryan Abraham of USCfootball.com added that White’s erratic behavior may have been related to alcohol consumption.

Abraham also added a short video of White being escorted out by LAPD.